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For me, the idea of only staying in one place seems completely unimaginable. I can't comprehend how someone could ever be satisfied to stay in one place forever. Don't get me wrong - I have friends who have grown up in the town their parents grew up in and their grandparents before then. They have done so and they have loved it. They relish having their family nearby, the kind of irreplaceable network a family provides. I get that. I'm not saying either choice of lifestyle is better, I'm simply saying for me, I know I'll be travelling all over the place until the day I die. The Grim Reaper will have his work cut out when he comes after me...
@caricakes it's exactly the same for this rate, I'm going to be retiring in about 9 or 10 different countries. Actually the only country I couldn't say that for was China. I love China but I couldn't retire there - the pollution would actually probably kill me!
I always say "i'm going to retire here"...about pretty much every city I visit