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"I followed them for a while, and then a beam of sunlight broke out of the clouds and fell right on them, and I knew that this is my chance. I called Saul by his name. My voice echoed from the rocks and they could not tell where it was coming from. Saul's companions were looking around, trying to see who is talking, but he looked up to the sky." "The fool. This is how he lost his sight." "A fool he is, indeed, but of the dangerous kind. He came to Damascus to arrest the followers of Simon Peter and bring them to Jerusalem. Peter wrote letters to the heads of the community to warn them. He also wrote to me. " "So what did you do then? " " When Saul fell to the ground, blinded, his friends rushed to him to see what happened. I then came to them and offered my help. They were surprised to see me appear out of nowhere just in the right moment. There was not much use in trying to tell them that I am not an angel of God, you see? " "I suppose not... ", Luke says with a smile. "But still, I did. I told them who I am. " "But why?!" Martha sighs. "I think, my son, that it is time that I will tell you the whole story from the beginning."