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hello everyoneee... just wanted to let you know that I've sent off our petition to T-ARA. thank you all sooooo much for your participation!!! I'm glad we made our voices heard - whether or not it gets to T-ARA, and whether or not they listen is up to them, but at least they know our frustrations. let's continue to keep the kpop community going here at Vingle!!! Share with everyone - what made you fall in love with kpop?
@sweetpea of course not! i still like to think that idols are what they portray in variety shows hahaa!
@Lara yeahhh I know.......... I hope you haven't COMPLETELY lost your love for kpop though!!!
@sweetpea Thanks for replying! i mean, in a way, i knew that the idols arent what they show but its as if i was denying it. and then BLAM, it like hit me in the face! especiallyy that it was with T-ara, one of the only girl group that i liked aside from 2ne1... i was rly shocked and at first i didnt beleive that but the the "evidence" came along! it might not be true but for people like us who dont know the truth, it seem prettyy legit! but even though i know that the idols arent rly what they seem to be, i still like that pure image! im a not able to watch an american music video all tough i am canadian! loll, on well!
@Lara I know exactly what you mean -- knowing that there's such a sinister and dark side behind kpop is soo scary, it makes me feel like what I believe in and love is all fake! I know, it sounds so dramatic... but I cant help what I feel!!! Thank you so much for your comments by the way I feel so happy knowing that there's someone there who feels the same way as I do xoxoxoxo
Ironicly, it was that pure and fun image that the idol had that made me fall in love with kpop, which is one of the main reasons why im relucant to follow t-ara anymore. loll