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Former reserve police officer Laura Weintraub came under fire after her "satirical video" went viral in cycling communities around the country. She talked about how she hates cyclist and would pay to run them off the road. Laura later resigned from her reserve police officer position. A few hours ago Laura uploaded a new video about the incident, calling it her "Wake up call." Laura contacted multiple people in the cycling community in order to see things from a cyclist's perspective. She went on two different rides with cyclists from California, both of whom were willing to take her out for a ride. Laura says she is now more aware of the dangers of cycling on roadways. This does seems to be a PR stunt, pandering the cycling community for her previous actions. However, the fact that she DID reach out to people in the cycling community and took the time to experience what cyclist go through. All in all I am glad she did something like this and she made some good points. People who drive cars should try riding a bike in the city from time to time. They would become much more empathetic to cyclists on the road. What do you think of all this?
Glad she is learning her lesson at least a little. I wonder what cycling everyday for a week would do to her
Thank you.
A better "mea culpa" than most.
It's a start
I'm glad she got to see how things are on the road. It's a real eye opener for many people.