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A blind man walked into the street and was lost. While many cars, cyclists and pedestrians passed him by and called scoffed at his idiocy, no one cared to help. No one except this kind cyclist who took the time out of his daily commute to help this blind man get to where he needed to go. We all might not be able to help people in need to this extent, but don't be so quick to pass by those who need help. Just because other people pass others by without stopping doesn't mean they don't need help!
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That was a really nice thing to do. Unfortunately I feel as though I know a few people that would yell at him to get off the road :(
Wow! Inspiring!
Did anyone else see that a huge bus passed right where the blind man was standing before??! I mean I know that is playing a huge what if game, but still... Glad this guy helped out
@Goyo Things definitely could have ended worse for this guy. Glad someone stopped