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This wake bait, the Spro BBZ-1, was voted Best Hard Lure of 2014 at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades. I wasn't sold on this lure, so I've compiled some reviews and info about it. What do you think: will this get you the big one? *10-inch bait with 5-inch jointed body a replacable tail * Hard plastic tail locked on with 80# line * based on live rat's anatomy * wakes and walks well * great for southern California's bass waters * also good for pike, musky, bass and striper anglers elsewhere Check out the action of the lure in the first video, and the color of the lure in the second. This lure should be sold starting in October. I think I still prefer a nice hollow body frog, like this one:
@happyrock I'm not sold either ha! I was tempted at first but I think I'm not anymore....
@mcgraffy hmm, im still not sure. I dont think ill be buying this anyways
@fallingwater @happyrock I guess it just has to do with dark colors working well? kinda like a dark purple lure but brighter? To be honest I"m not sure...
@happyrock @mcgraffy Seriously, purple?!
I have to ask, would the purple really work? @mcgraffy