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5 tips for exercising after breast cancer

Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but some guidelines should be applied in order to exercise safely after breast cancer. 1. Talk to your doctor about your decision to start exercising. Ask: - Do I need to take any specific precautions to avoid lymphedema? - I'm thinking of doing these kinds of exercises. Will they be too much for me? - How can I modify my exercise to make sure I don't overwork myself? - What are some movements I should avoid? 2. Start slow and steady. Focus more on proper form than lifting as much weight as possible or doing things as quickly as possible. 3. Don't forget to warm up. 4. Don't forget to cool down. 5. Take rests if needed.
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Benefits of Natural Medicine: Sea moss, Bladderwrack, Tumeric, Maca, and Chasteberry
Hello fam! I've been making adjustments to my lifestyle so I can have a healthier life. One big thing that I do is utilize natural alternatives to my healthcare regimen. I take vitamins and use natural ways to regulate my hormones levels since I do have POCS. I know longer have cysts but I do have the other issues as in insulin resistance, over weight, and irregular hormone levels. Again I'm not a doctor so make sure you always consult with your doctor before doing anything. I'm just sharing some things I do that has helped me greatly! I'm a texture person I just add this to my scrambled eggs. This does have a salty sea taste since it is from the ocean. I know people who purchase the actual algae and soak in hot water to drink as a tea. I purchased my sea moss gel from a legit herbal person who also can mix whatever other vitamins or herb in your batch. Tumeric When using this try to get organic in the powder form. My mom even used this for inflammation. When ingesting this make sure to add Black pepper to activate this. Basically, no use taking this if you don't add the Black pepper. The Black pepper allows our body to absorb the tumeric. I just sprinkle on food. It does stain so be careful. I use these both to regulate my hormones and this stuff is golden! I do not have the issues I had with my POCS once I changed to taking these two together. I actual purchased these in liquid form recently and love it. However, you can purchase the maca in powder form and both in supplement form.