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Radiation treatment causes changes to the skin. 1. Your skin color will change. Pale skin will turn red, dark skin will become darker or become ashen in patches. There may be itchiness, burning, and tenderness of skin. 2. Women with larger breasts may experience "wet peeling", which is like blisters. 3. The skin usually heals quickly and completely. 4. Freckles and moles will become darker, but will return to their original color or disappear completely after chemotherapy. What can you do to ease these symptoms? 1. Your doctor can give you a steroid cream, like hydrocortisone. 2. Use moisturizing lotions and gentle, non-perfumed soaps. 3. Use SUNSCREEN. 4. Sleep with your head elevated, or with an extra pillow, on your back, to reduce puffiness around your face. 5. Don't use alcohol-based products on your face. 6. Don't smoke. 7. Don't wash your face more than twice a day; your face produces less oil than usual during treatment.