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Their choreographer should be fired and those outfits are so obviously (badly*) copied from Stella's Marionette. As I write this, the video has 1,842,281 views of Youtube with a resounding 16,269 dislikes. Jeez - I felt uncomfortable just watching this - like I'd get caught doing something I shouldn't. How will they even promote? I just feel sorry for them 'cuz I doubt they actually even wanted to do something like this. It's probably just their company making them be like this...such a shame - their voices are actually pretty decent.
Whoa whoa now, I dont think its the biggest fail of all time at all! Granted its obvious that the company was going for a scandalous, over-the-top-sexy concept, but we cant discredit these girls. They are clearly incredible dancers! I understand that Korea is much more conservative than most countries, but I would question why the girls get so much more negativity than boys. What makes people so uncomfortable about women as dominant sexual figures?
@honeysoo they didn't say this was the biggest k-pop fail of all time - just the biggest fail in a "long time"...which I kind of agree with - at least on the music video front (because personally I didn't actually think the song itself was too bad). As you've said, they clearly are very talented dancers so why are they doing such tacky dance moves? You can be sexy without dancing like this. It just seems kind of pointless, it's going to be banned straight away and they'll have to completely change the dance. I'd love to see a K-pop group come out and 'own' sexiness in a confident, kick-ass, "I don't need a guy" kind of way - rather than just writhing around doing weird choreography trying to fulfil society's image of what sexy should be...?
@lama thought you'd appreciate this?
@nenegrint14 I completely agree. It just seemed over the top - like they knew everyone was going to slam them for it so rather than doing 'tasteful sexy' they went all out and turned it into a publicity stunt. On a side note, as someone who lives in Korea already, I can tell you that the young people are pretty liberal already (and not half as conservative as most people expect) it's mostly the older generation who are conservative.
@funkystar25 yeah Imma girl haha @honeysoo I didn't mean to offend - I just think they're not really portraying dominant sexual figures in this MV but more like girls dancing for the purpose of making guys happy (which makes sense since the company totally decides what they wear / dance / etc) like funkystar25 said - you don't have to dance like that to be sexy, right?
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