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The Biggest K-pop Fail In...A Long Time
Their choreographer should be fired and those outfits are so obviously (badly*) copied from Stella's Marionette. As I write this, the video has 1,842,281 views of Youtube with a resounding 16,269 dislikes. Jeez - I felt uncomfortable just watching this - like I'd get caught doing something I shouldn't. How will they even promote? I just feel sorry for them 'cuz I doubt they actually even wanted to do something like this. It's probably just their company making them be like this...such a shame - their voices are actually pretty decent.
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@nenegrint14 haha that was Sistar lol Secret had a comeback yesterday http://www.vingle.net/posts/446141 hahahaha
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@ahnjp05 hahaha sorry. I saw the s and just went with it lmao
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Oh God.
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@lama thought you'd appreciate this?
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what IS that....
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