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A real sensual hip-hop MV with a great summer feel - and his rapping is just amazing 0.0 The MV definitely had the opportunity to slip into the cheap/tacky zone but despite the numerous boob shots, it just managed to stay in the tasteful, sexy zone....JUST. The lyrics are pretty explicit but....oh, he just gets away with everything in this track. I loved the "Game Over" bit...and the bit when he wakes up with his gimbap....oh bless~^^ ♪ ♫.Body, body language♪ ♫.
Love San-E! I usually only hear him as a feature so its good to have a whole song of him!
I am absolutely loving this track - and his rapping is so slick. While the lyrics are pretty explicit (or even controversial, depending on how you look at it!), I really like the fact that the song is all about asking the girl what SHE wants - makes a nice change from all the male dominated "I'm gonna do this to you"-style songs which fill the charts these days....and aside from all that, it's just an awesome track and the MV is hilarious
@kpopandkimchi I know what you mean - I feel like i haven't a solo track from him in ages
@funkystar25 of course, I totally agree with you
It only just managed to stay on the tasteful side...only JUST haha @kpopandkimchi are you a Verbal Jint fan?