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Nothing goes better together with beer than a bit of fishing, but which beer should you bring? Check out this list of the ten beers you should bring with you to the bank, lake, or boat next time you head out! Scroll through the images to see them all. This post is inspired by @dougjohnson and his Wasted Fishing competition video. Thanks Doug! See the video here => www.vingle.net/posts/439802-Wasted-Fishing-Competition
Give me one of each, please....hah. I usually don't drink much when I"m fishing but I have my days when the guys jsut wanna relax
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@mcgraffy they're perfect for those days!
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Quite a few of these are naaa~~sssty!!
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@fallingwater I dont think I could drink all of them
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number 8 please make it nice an tall.
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