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Many individuals believe that giving children jewellery is decadent and a waste of money.  I disagree.  Giving children jewellery is definitely a perfect gift.  The child who receives it will often have it for a very long time and remember who gave it to them.  The jewellery may then be passed down for their own children and becomes a family group heirloom, as may be the case within my life mimosa hostilis.

I've a comprehensive jewellery collection, which started with my first piece--a baby ring that I got for my baptism. It was handed if you ask me by my grandmother. Inside my childhood I received two more pieces from her, charm bracelets with various charms on them.  I would get a new charm for different milestones within my life.

As I grew up these bracelets didn't fit me anymore.  So I took both bracelets and chained them to one another to produce a new bracelet.  I had all my children's jewellery put onto this bracelet. This can be a very special piece that I want to wear, and do this often.  And though it is truly jewellery meant for children, this bracelet is really a unique piece that I get lots of comments on and suits me as an adult.

When I wear this jewellery I usually think back on the special those who gave me each charm, each bracelet. I am now a grandmother myself, and most of the those who gave me these pieces have long since passed.  These types of loved ones were family, and now I show my own personal grandchildren my jewellery.  I inform them the stories of why I was handed these pieces and little stories concerning the giver.

Many occasions when my grandchildren come over and I am not wearing my special children's bracelet, they will ask if they could see it, and ask me to inform them the stories again.  I am always happy to accomplish so.  Each child has their favourite piece and story.  One always wants to hear concerning the charms on the bracelet from my grandmother, one other wants to hear about my little child's ring and why my mother gave this to me.

Each grandchild was handed an appeal bracelet at their birth and receive, much as I did as a kid, a particular charm with this bracelet for special milestones inside their life.  Their first steps, first day of school, a particular piano recital. My grandchildren aren't allowed to wear these bracelets daily, their mothers keep them safe.  But if they do use them for special occasions they are so proud of them, and tell everyone the stories of how they got their charms.

My bracelet is my most prized possession.  I am now thinking about ways I may make it into different pieces to later hand down to my grandchildren.

Giving children jewellery is one of the very enduring gifts you are able to give a kid and will give them a memory of you because of their lives.

Jennifer M. is definitely an great lover of jewellery of kinds. This mother of four and grandmother of six has been collecting jewellery her expereince of living and now shares this love with her children and grandchildren. On her behalf website about children's jewellery  she talks about different types of jewellery for kids. She is really a big fan of giving babies jewellery like baby rings and baby jewellery to simply help them remember the special people inside their lives when they are grown mimosa hostilis.