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Hiking Kilimanjaro has always been one of my dreams, though I feared its difficulties and haven't yet been able to make the trip. So, when I came across this documentary of a group of friends who decided to make the hike barefoot, I was stunned! Amazing documentary, cool journey, and it only makes me want to go more. I think I'll wear shoes, though.
Wow....I'm honestly SO surprised they made it! I was really worried about the dr's feet....hopefully he recovered quickly afterwards!
@onesmile I was worried too but I think the training and his incredible knowledge of how his feet were reacting really helped him.
I dont think i'll be climbing any mountains soon but this makes me want to try something....just anything more adventurous. @yakwithalan maybe I'll finally get that kayak going hah
@flymetothemoon I think this is one of those things that just comes about when you and your friends are having a weird conversation, at weird hours
I just wonder how he came up with this, even if there was alcohol involved I'd never think this up!
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