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Learn Korean with JYJ's Back Seat
Here are five easy words/phrases you can learn from this video. Watch the subs for more vocabulary :) 나 믿어줘 (na mideojweo) - believe me 부끄러워하지마 (bukkeoreoweohajima) - don't be shy 어색해 (eosaekhae) - awkward 필요없어 (pilyo eobseo) - I don't need (it) 이대로 (idaero) - in this way If you have more questions you can ask me!
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I love this! More Korean learning from music videos, please!
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How had I not heard this song?
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@Aero2042 u and me both...I swear junsu be feeling himself forreal
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@zitlalitrodrigu Girl, Junsu is always feeling himself. I mean how can he not?
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