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Here is a short term solution on how to fix a tube without the use of glue or a patch kit. Flat tires are a common occurrence in the cycling world. Unfortunately sometimes we forget to bring along a spare tube or even a patch kit. Well, here is a quick tutorial brought to us by our friend in Africa. This video will teach you how to fix a tube for a short amount of time with nothing more than a piece of string. This might just get you out of a sticky situation one day!
I would never use this unless it was an emergency, just a great idea.
@JustinRay Only use this if you really have to! It's always better to use a new tube or a patch kit before this method. Don't worry about the old guy, you can't get mad at every a-hole. :)
This is pretty darn nifty if you ask me
@bikesnob. This past weekend I rode a few miles of the coast and got a flat near the end. While fixing the flat an older cyclist rode by and said "GoOd LuCk, ThAt WaS mE yEsTeRdAy!". I was so surprised at his snobby attitude I wanted to throw my helmet at him. Thanks for the tip from you on this though.