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I can still remember the day I began my Russian studies. A novice, bewildered by the harsh, rolling Rs and the loose structure, it was easy to write the language off as impossible. However, recognising the challenge in front of me, I refused to cower and continued on in my studies. Personally, I really enjoyed reading the tips for learning Russian given by Chris Miller on the Matador Network. In short; his eight essential reasons were: 1.Begin at the beginning, then put one foot in front of the other 2.Find a conversation partner, live with a host family if you can. 3.Say yes to invites 4.Keep a pocket notebook and pen on you at all times 5.Watch and listen to Russian films and music 6.Start a hobby and immerse yourself in the culture 7.Get out of the city 8.Interact with friends on Vkontakte To read the reasons behind the tips and some extra resources, check out the full article.
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that's really good advice! I recently started watching Russian TV to help boost my listening...I understand about 5% of what I hear but for me it's just about increasing exposure to the language