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Looking for an easy way to spruce up your next batch of cupcakes? Kids of any age (that means adults, too!) will love these Toy Story inspired cupcakes! Ingredients: - Cupcakes, baked from your favorite recipe - White frosting, store-bought or from your favorite recipe - Neon green food coloring - Mint-flavored chewable candies (found packaged in rolls, such as mentos) - Green apple sour belts - Green apple sour straws, cut into 2" pieces - Black decorator gel icing - Kitchen shears, or a small leaf shaped fondant cutter Instructions: 1. Make your cupcakes! Allow them to cool. 2. Mix up a batch of alien green icing by adding few drops of neon green food coloring to your favorite white icing. 3. Prepare your aliens' ears. Cut ears, shaped like teardrops, from green apple belts. A pair of kitchen shears works well, or use a small leaf shaped fondant cutter. You will need 2 ears for each cupcake. 4. Frost cupcakes and insert a 2" sour straw antenna. Press your ears into the sides of the cupcake. 5. Line up three mint-flavored, chewable candies as eyes, and dot with black gel icing for pupils. 6. Give your aliens an awed expression by drawing on a circle for a mouth with black gel icing.
@ChristinaBryce All right, I'll see what I can do!
@onesmile I think this way might be the easiest! @acrossthesea Good luck~
I have to give these a go!
These are the cutest!!!! I'm worried the faces I make will look scary---is there an easier way to make eyes? @ChristinaBryce
What a gorgeous idea! I want to make them all, and maybe a few other toy story cupcakes to go along with it :)
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