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A cyclists decides to perform a U-turn at an unsafe time, causing a motorcyclist to nearly collide with him. As a cyclist, I believe this cyclist did a few things wrong here (regardless of the motorcyclist speed). First, the cyclist was turning around on a blind turn. If he looked both ways he still would not be able to see anyone coming around the corner. Second, the cyclist didn't even look both ways! He casually turned around in the street and decided not to do so quickly... Third, the cyclist did not listen for oncoming traffic. I don't really care how far away a motorcyclist is, if I hear their loud engines I will be sure to be aware of where they are and how fast they are going. Final word of advice, use some common sense!
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Wow. that guys life flashed before his eyes
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@ChazHyland I know I would have to pull off to the side and calm down after a close call like that
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