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Amid the constant debates about the state of the American education system, a recent study revealed a rather upsetting trend in Illinois. According to an investigation lead by the Chicago Tribune, Illinois school districts have employed hundreds of educators to teach everything from science to special education even though they lacked proper credentials in those subjects. The investigation highlighted the numerous loopholes in the education system that allowed under-qualified teachers to gain positions that they simply were not suited for. There has already been action to close these loopholes, but clearly the districts have already been negatively affected. In response to the anger and confusion felt by students and parents, action is being taken to make sure only qualified teachers are in the classroom. Lake County Regional Superintendent Roycealee Wood, as well as other regional officials, have decided that if educators are close to finishing courses to get properly credentialed, the office may work with them to develop a plan to finish without having to leave the classroom. "We try to work cooperatively with our districts," she said.
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Have we considered that's not all about qualifications, but about teaching ability? I've met many teachers who (while not over experienced in their field)) are such great educators that they can teach it well anyways.
It's not even just the system, but the fact that since teachers have such a poor rep (as in, the benefits aren't very good!) that more and more people are avoiding the fate of becoming a teacher! It's sad that it's come to that, and since there are less people more problems like this are happening.
Our education system is in a sorry state, that is for sure.
what a farce - how it that even possible?