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Top 5 Bass Fishing Waters in Texas
I've been doing some research, and these five lakes seem to be great waters to try out in Texas that aren't too far out of the way, but also provide a fun challenge! Check out the images above for tips and tricks about fishing these waters.
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My dad used to live in Houston area but I never really fished down there. He's near Austin now but maybe i'll go looking for these thanks @dougjohnson
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I noticed you didn't mention Sam Rayburn or Toledo Bend... These are some Awesome Bass fishing lake's and also where I call home. You should come out and try your skills on what's in my opinion to be the best two lake's in the state.
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@dougjohnson I'm gonna listen to @JoeGun instead hah he seems to have a better idea!
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@mcgraffy @JoeGun he's the local, I'd follow him too haha! I'd all those to my personal list Joe thanks
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