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where they got caught in the rain, found a shelter, made fire and talked and then... src: xeng` @
ok thanks...^^
yea i watched a little bit of the press conference and put up some of the screencaps in the party :D. check them out :)
it ended already, it was suppose to be aired at 2pm korean time and i just woke up... it's already 3:27pm here in our country... an hour late from korean time... huhuh.. well anyway, it won't be long and we're gonna be able to watch their episodes... a little more time...heheh, fighting!!
oh really??? that sounds so exciting!!! are you gonna watch the live press conference today? I'm so excited!! Hope someone on VIngle will do a live recap! it would be awesome!
@soul81.. and then what? ! hahaha, can't wait!! do you think that he already let on that he sees her already in this scene? i read somewhere that early in the drama he was acting like he doesn't see ghost coz they were just bothersome..