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Flower Boy Next Door
Omg, I loveeeeee this drama. It was funny, sweet, and sad. My favorite part of this drama is Enrique saying Ahjumma :). Also, seeing him in the panda hat is the cutest thing in the world! I would spoil more, but that would be terrible of me. I enjoyed the two main characters' mental connection. A must watch drama <3
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My fav part was also panda scene. I was hooked after that. Really enjoyed drama.
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i actually got the panda hat from my friend from honkong after dis show lol my friend gifted me hahahs its like she read my mind lol :D
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ts my favorite drama of all times nd i really miss shi yooni oppa he shd have said bye i miss him oppa come back 2 us fast saranghhae <3
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Ahhhh this drama was so good ^^ I miss it too @saharhyunjoong @aidarmartinez
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@jaminwithyou ♡♡♡
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