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Belle Beth Cooper features some ideas that just might help you get over a creative block. So, step away from the computer, give yourself permission to be messy (I have this one DOWN! Messy desk at home, at work, at the laptop. I still generate too much paper.) Keep a notebook handy, and write down all your ideas. Quantity just might yield some quality. MOVE! This article recommends physical activity, but I've read that being outdoors boosts both your mood and your creativity. Headphones for white noise. (Working from home, I have gardeners somewhere within hearing range EVERY day except Thursday. That's when the trash collectors come, 3 trucks, twice each.) Finally, and I love this one--have a comfy chair to just sit and think. Or nap. Naps are good. Read her suggestion for making sure your nap doesn't turn into a few hours of oblivion.
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I love these tips--especially her full version. Can't let those naps get out of hand, now can we! I also like the idea about activity: distracting yourself with other activities really helps.
@greggr We all need a good nap now and then though Mr. Greggr!
@onesmile Don't we all.
It's also helpful to be someplace new where there's a bunch of inspiration around you.
@hopeandwishes2 Agreed! That might be the most important part of all.