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Two of my favorite writers--Maria Popova writing about Carol Dweck and her ground-breaking book, Mindset. The key takeaway for me has been to focus on growth, and not perfection. People with a growth mindset see failures as learning opportunities, while those with a fixed mindset are so afraid of failing that they often won't try new things. I see students like this all the time, and it makes me sad. Have we drummed it into them that ability is something you have or you don't? Do we make them afraid to try, because they feel punished if they don't immediately succeed? This article is a beautiful summary of Dweck's work, but her book is well worth the time.
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@timeturnerjones, we have to be life-long learners! Just like we'll never run out of books to read, we'll never runout of things to learn:)
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@spudsomma Good point! If only everyone thought that way--learning isn't limited just to books and school--I know you know that better than most :)
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This reminds me of something I saw recently that told you that knowing you're bad at something (and being okay with it) is the way to start being good at it! I think that fits the "growth" mindset :)
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I think this also shows how important it is that you continue to challenge yourself. Once you're in a comfortable place without challenges you mind can slide into that "fixed" stage.
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I wonder if there are times in life when the fixed stage is better for your personal development, that'd be an interesting thing to consider.
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