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The official preview is out here . Click on the small photo to watch the preview Hyuga bowed and apologized to everyone but of course the board of directors don't care since their stocks dropped so much. Makoto is worried and Hyuga sits in the corner of his house and sulks. Asahina continues to manipulate Tono to go along with his scheme. We see that Tono actually admired Hyuga in the past and even imitates his lollipop eating habit (that's cute!). We get to see the young, nerdy Hyuga eating lollipop (hehe). Asahina tries to court Makoto and even hugs and confesses to her! Really, when your company is about to fall apart that was a good time to go after girls? Hyuga goes to Yoko's apartment. Yoko said, "Didn't you come up because you have something on your mind?" then he kisses her!!!???!! The two of them didn't hear or see Hyuga's phone ringing and it was Makoto that calls him....
it's tomorrow!
super excited!!
Ups and downs....