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I saw Jon Ronson on Jon Stewart, and had to immediately get a copy of his book. This Ted Talk gives a great summary of his book, complete with somewhat ominous animation and music. I'm still pondering why the psychiatric hospital has a biography of Ted Bundy in the library!
@Spudsomma We don't treat very well, and I wonder if any of that has to do with the fact that so many of these illnesses are diagnosed more than necessary. Still, the system is lacking in so many areas!
that was fascinating!
@caricakes, we diagnose, but still don't treat very well:/ I was just reading about Robin Williams. Why is there still such a stigma about mental illness? So much of it is brain chemistry, yet people don't get the help they need.
I think we diagnose so many little things nowadays. I'm sure if I read that book through I would have quite a few too!