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I run a lot. I enjoy running but more than running, I enjoy the benefits that running brings. I was reading an article today on ThoughtCatalog (my new favourite place for procrastination) and found a fab article outlining 10 reasons to run a half-marathon. 1.You will save money. 2.You will treat your body way better. 3. It’ll test your dedication to yourself. 4. It’ll rub off on those around you. 5. You’ll know your body way better. 6. It’s a challenge that doesn’t involve other people. 7. You’ll have a new outlet for frustration. 8. You’ll be so high on yourself. 9. You’ll explore so much! 10. It’ll teach you enormous lessons for your professional and personal life. Most importantly - the lesson I'm feeling the most these days - 'you're more capable than you realise'.
good luck
Personally, I ran my first half-marathon last year. I concur that there are plenty of additional benefits associated with running but nothing quite beats that feeling of crossing the finish line