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These guys become obsessed with catching the biggest fish of their lives, and eventually track her down: Dotty weighed a total of 25.1 pounds! She has a black birth mark, which is why she is named "Dotty." Check out the video for the full story. Hopefully we can see some fish as big as Dotty in our futures!
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I just wanna catch good fish, not a certain onr
3 years ago·Reply
One of these guys is so obsessed with this cause
3 years ago·Reply
@dougjohnson She was pretty elusive! @happyrock @fallingwater yeah they definitely got a little obsessed, but it sort of seems fun.
3 years ago·Reply
@mcgraffy sad that it ended the way it did to be honest
3 years ago·Reply
@dougjohnson Its a shame, but that's waht happens
3 years ago·Reply