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Which couple are you rooting for????
I think Yoko x Hyuga have something like a soulmate. Their preference and the way they see things are similar. But Makoto is the one that supporting Hyuga when he is having a tough time
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@soula81, i started following somnia, so i could be updated with her recap.. @marie55... yoko is alright it's just that she's from the states that's why she 's so liberated.. she likes hyuga, so she wants him to be hers... but i like makoto better. for hyuga... i think that she'll be good for him.. seeing the last ep, i think that he's starting to like makoto too.. it's too obvious that makoto already likes him.. can't wait!!
@nylamrehs: i'm also following her too :D @nylamrehs and @marie55: i actually like her free spirited personality. she's strong on the outside but still a woman inside. i admire that she doesn't hesitate to pursue the man she loves and doesnt deny her feelings. she's cool like that to me :) . I think Hyuga just doesnt realize yet how important Makoto is to him!