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now that Dwight Howard's going to the Lakers, it's going to be one excellent exxciting season!!!! match-ups are going to be INTENSE. what do you all think??? Lebron vs Kobe; Chris Bosh vs Dwight Howard; whom do you think will win????
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@kardel95 yeahh you are right but thats why I think lebron is so much scarier. He is a serious threat both defensively AND offensively. Kobe is a great defender, but Lebron is definitely THE BEST. and you are so right about the age. Kobe is what, 5 years older than Lebron. In basketball years, that means ALOT.
lebron's move are quite different from kobe, its hard to decide about kobe vs LeBron. cause kobe is offensive while LB is deffensive. but lebron could do his best in guarding KObe and kobe will find his way missing LB. The grat deal is the age cause lebron is Y,W and F. If we compare KObe's performance from the past years if he is the same as the age of lebron I think it has a big negative change. Cause kobe is now moving slower, in the game but still his still having the accuracy.
just spent ages figuring out how to share this article. haha. just realised its one of the buttons on the left.
@Buster120: while I agree that there is no bigger "where my touches at" player than Kobe, Howard hates it. He actually has one of the lowest usage ratings in the NBA (when compared to other superstars) which means that he doesnt need the ball to be effective. Nor does he believe that he is better by demanding the ball. Yea he is a baby and selfish as a teammate off the court, but on the court he is actually better suited as a wing man rather than being THE star. As for Kobe, yea he will complain, but he respects Nash too much to just brush away Nash. He also loves, craves one thing over anything else: wins. If and when the Lakers start to roll, he will care less and less about his touches
so much for the knicks getting any due respect lol as far as the supposed rivarly between the Heat and the Lakers, while the media will love there is no contest. The heat are going to get demolished. Somewhere Lebron is thinkin this sh*t always happen to me lol One is better than none right?
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