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Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho, the stars of the upcoming SBS drama Faith, have been calling each other ‘babies’. In a good way. The two appeared at the press conference for Faith held on August 9, and talked about how it felt to be the leads of the drama. Kim Hee Sun said, “[Lee Min Ho] is a hot star. It felt good [to be with him] and I was worried whether I would be a burden to him because so many people like him. Perhaps because he’s younger than me he’s good at treating me like an older sister and a senior, and he’s so kind. I’ve never seen someone younger than me be so kind.” She even said, “I feel like a mother, or a big sister. He’s a good baby. I can say this because he’s so kind, bright and flawless.” Lee Min Ho returned the praise by emphasizing that his viewers didn’t need to worry about his love line with the much-older Kim Hee Sun. He said, “Many are worried because she’s so much older than me, but I said I wanted to do this with [Kim] Hee Sun nuna (big sister). I thought we would look good together on video. I’m thankful that a lot of people have told us that we look great together.” He then added, “Some parts of Hee Sun nuna’s personality are like those of a baby’s. She also makes the set livelier because she’s so funny. I’m expecting us to appear as a well-matched couple in the drama.” Faith is a drama about how the Goryeo warrior Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) meets a female doctor named Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun), who jumped 660 years into the past from the present, and works together to make King Gong Min (Ryu Deok Hwan) a true king. Photo credit: Hea Jung Min via Enewsworld
HAHAHA...i feel shock that lee min ho will call someone...BABY....
If you care about your life....
Lee MIn Ho, never speak about a woman's age.....