Types of sports betting

Betting options from can be combined with each other, thus forming different types of bets. They differ from each other both in the number of outcomes and in the method of calculation. Single, Express and System are the most common types of bets. We will tell you more about each of them: what they are and what rules bookmakers use to calculate them.

Ordinary (or single)

The most common type of bet among bookmaker customers. This is simply a single bet, which includes the expected outcome of only one event. The player chooses an event in the line with a certain coefficient, makes a bet and, if the choice is successful, receives his winnings. The amount of the winnings will be equal to the product of the wagered amount and the odds.

An example of calculating an ordinary
For example, in the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, you decided to bet 1000 rubles on the victory of Barcelona: the bookmaker offered this option with odds of 2.0. If Barcelona really won, you get a payout equal to 2,000 rubles, since the amount wagered is multiplied by a coefficient (1,000 x 2 = 2,000). If Barcelona lost, then the bet on its victory also lost.

The advantage of this type of bet is its simplicity and relative reliability, because unlike other main types of bets, here you need to correctly predict only one outcome in a single match. The disadvantage of an ordinary can be considered a lower coefficient compared to an express or a system.


An express bet is a combination of singles: it includes several outcomes predicted by the player at once (there may be two or more). Bookmaker customers love such bets primarily for high odds, since when calculating the accumulator, the odds of all outcomes are multiplied.

Express calculation example
Let's say you predicted the outcomes of three football matches for your accumulator bet:
- victory of "Barcelona" with a coefficient of 2.0 in the match "Barcelona" - "Real";
- victory of "Tottenham" with a coefficient of 2.0 in the match "Tottenham" - "Tottenham";
- victory of Juventus with a coefficient of 2.0 in the match between Juventus and Inter.

The total coefficient of such an accumulator will be 8.0 (2 x 2 x 2 = 8). If each event wins, you will receive a win exactly at odds of 8 (the bet size will be multiplied by 8). However, if at least one selection loses, the entire parlay bet loses.
Obviously, with each event added to the express, we increase the overall coefficient, but reduce the likelihood that all selected events will win.

Many novice players make accumulator bets from the so-called "sures", that is, from a large number of events with very low odds: it seems that they all will certainly win, and the overall odds turn out to be quite "beautiful". In fact, low odds are not a guarantee of winning, and clear favorites can lose. Moreover, it happens more often than a novice client of a bookmaker who has not yet learned a full-fledged analysis of an event can assume. Accordingly, compiling huge express bets in the vast majority of cases is the path to numerous and regular losses.

Express bets can be used in various game strategies. For example, one of the fairly popular football betting strategies is called “27 parlays”. It is intended for making parlays from bets on the exact score in several matches. It is believed that 27 accumulators cover all the most probable options for accurate scores, and even if 26 such accumulators lose, then one must win, and this will justify everything, since the odds for the exact score are quite high even individually, and even more so in the accumulator.

Please note that bookmakers may impose a limit on the number of possible events in an accumulator, or limit the maximum possible win rate. Generally, it is not allowed to include interdependent events.

Which is better: ordinary or express? There is no single answer to this question. Of course, a long express is a higher coefficient, and if you do not make a mistake with the correctness of the outcomes in it, the winnings will also be much larger than with the same outcomes in singles, that is, separately. However, experienced players will prefer the single in most cases. In extreme cases, they will choose an accumulator of 2-3 events, because the fewer outcomes, the greater the chance that all of them will be winning.


What does betting system mean? This type of bet may appeal to those who are worried that one of the events in the accumulator “will not reach”, and because of this, the entire bet will lose.

A system is a combination of parlays of a given size from a predetermined number of events. Each combination in the system is calculated as a separate accumulator bet. You make a certain bet on several events included in the accumulator, and indicate the dimension of the system (for example, 2 out of 3 will play, 3 out of 4, etc.).
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