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Here's image stills of actress Moon Chae-Won in upcoming KBS2 drama series THE GOOD MAN NEVER SEEN BEFORE ("Sesang Eodiedo Eobneun Chakan Namja"), starring Song Joong-Ki, Moon Chae-Won & Park Si-Yeon. Early Korean woking title for the series was "Chakan Namja" (literally "Nice Guy"), but more recently changed by KBS to the longer title and given the English title THE GOOD MAN NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Images below is of Moon Chae-Won playing her character Seo Eun Gi, who is written as a cold person groomed to be the successor to her father's large corporation. The scene with Moon Chae-Won riding her motorcycle, took place on a mountain in South Korea and even though the weather was hot, she wore the leather outfit and helmet. Moon Chae-Won also took motorcycle riding lessons prior to filming her scene. THE GOOD MAN NEVER SEEN BEFORE first airs sometime this September in Korea.