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In case you’ve never made a cupcake cake, you’ll want to make sure to add a dot of icing to the bottom of your cupcakes–this will help them to stay put. Notice the head that I added to the end– it’s a 4″ round. You can do this, or make a similar structure with three cupcakes. You’ll also want to stagger your cupcakes so that they are nicely nestled next to each other—we don’t want any large spaces in between. This feels a bit like assembling a puzzle! Load up your piping bags with a medium consistency crusting buttercream–and fit them with a piping tip 12. Pipe over the cupcakes with alternating “stripes”. Smooth over the slightly crusted buttercream with a piece of a Viva brand paper towel. This is an optional step, but I like the smooth finish. This design doesn't match the original caterpillar perfectly, but the little extra pep of patterns and piping adds some pizzazz! All of this piping is done with a tip 3 or 4– with the exception of the outlined border on top and bottom—that is done with a tip 12. Cover the "head" piece in pre-colored red fondant or with red buttercream. That’s all there is too it! Are you ready?
the hungry caterpillar!! I have to give this a go, it was my favourite book as a kid !!
@honeysoo Mine, too! I just love this adaptation of it into cupcakes, too. If I had these as I kid I would have been the happiest of kids!
Aww, this was one of my favorite books as a kid!