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Because I rather have Taeil, bbomb, Ukwon, Jeahyo (misspelled) and P.O. as my older brother than have my own sisters. btw ( I didn't choose Kyung because I want to marry me. *giggles*) Beautiful graphics goes to ©Aero2042
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@Aero2042 But now I did. lol
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@Tokypop haha no worries ^^ Thank you~!! I only just saw what you said about not choosing Kyung because you want to marry him hahahahah I didn't even think of that - maybe I should take Zico off my "ideal brother" list and move him onto the "ideal boyfriend" list instead?
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Ha ha ha ha. YES!!!!! Then we can go to each other's wedding. @Aero2042
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@tokyopop @aero2042 can we make that a group thing? I like Taeil so I think we're all good!! haha
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seems legit. lol@ahnjp05
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