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After 2 weeek hiatus due to olympic AGD episode 19 is on TONIGHT on 21.30 Korean time Don't miss it guys!!!! The continuing story between Me ahri , Yoon and the dissapointed Teesan. And also will the Minsong and Jungrok couple will go ahead with the divorce TONIGHT LIVE!!!!! CAST: Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as So Yi Soo Kim Su Ro as Im Tee san Kim Min Jong as Choi Yun(Yoon) Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok Yun See Ya as Hong Se Ra Yun Jin Yi as Im Me Ahri Kim Jong Nan as Park Min Song ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Live recap start NOW Opening scene the 4 guys was in the restaurant. Suddenly the 4 woman come. All the woman come with sexy dress. Minsong with hole in the back,Ahri with short skirts, Yisoo with transparant top and Sera with v cut in front. All the woman excuse themselves to the bathroom. Suddenly a woman with sexy dress walked along. All the 4 guys watched the woman constantly especially when the woman knee and show them the high slit in her skirt. Jungrok was in the bar when the 3 guys come and asked them what happened. Jungrok said Minsong want a divorce, But the 3 guys just took it easily. they said it's something usual and Jungrok must have done something wrong. But Jungrok denied trying to convice them it's real. But the 3 guys just left him thinking it's not for real again this time, Back to Yisoo and dojin scene. Dojin said to make the night more memorable he doesn't want to send Yisoo home. They checked in in some hotel. After Dojin hecked in, they were waiting for the elevator. One of the elevator door open and show 4 old guys in conversation. they change in other door but 4 old auntie was also in there. yisoo asked what floor is the room. Dojin said 17 . They finally get to 17 floor. But when they got out they met with Minsong. Minsong said she try to avoid everyone but meet them here. Yisoo said Dojin is in business meeting. Minsong told Yisoo to just cath the happiness while she can. Dojin remembered his conversation with Jungrok. She asked Minsong to take Yisoo for 1 hous since he had some busineess to attend dojin called jUngrok and told him about Minsong in the hotel. Ahri come home and found the home is in chaos. She cleaned the house and washed the clothes. Teesan come and found the clean house Minsong told Yisoo she is going to get divorced. Minsong said she can't trust him, wheter he said truth or lie, she made it by herself. yisoo told her it's not the case. Minsong was onesided love all this time, suddenly Jungrok start ti pour her with love. So Minsong was overwhelmed with this situation. Some one knocked the door. Yisoo opened the door Jungrok come and get mad with Minsong with her attitude. Jungrok asked her if she really want to get divorece. Minsong said yes and give him the already signed divorce paper. Minsong said she will give him 1/3 of her wealth and asked if it's not enough. Jungrok got mad and just signed the paper and tore the other paper said he don't need her money, he didn't get married with her for the money. Jungrok left and Dojin chase him. Yisoo want to talk with Minsong but she asked her to leave saying she want some time alone. Yisoo and Dojin finally give up the night and left the hotel. Dojin called Teesan and Yoon telling him the truth in Jungrok's bar Yoon called Jungrok but no answer, suddenly jUngrok come with some food. The 3 guys was surprised, Jungrok said the kitchen is out of staff. Teesan asked about the divorce. And Jungrok said yes, and said he know someday it will happen with him with cool expression. But on the kitchen, Jungrok was out of concentration and let the meat burned. yisoo told her class about the start of the holiday. All students was eating to commorate it. Yisoo took picture of them and then took Collin's picture specially. After class, Yisoo meet with Collin and asked his holiday plan. collin want to work part time and travel to england. Yisoo asked if he is getting close with his father. Collin said yes, and Yisoo also said she's getting close with Dojin too. Yisoo asked him if they can get close too. Suddenly Yisoo fave student called Collin and left together. Collin and fave student was eating in fast food restaurant when they see the part time job adverstisement. Both of them compete to get the part time job. Yoon and Ahri was in shoes shop. Yoon choose one shoes and wore it to Ahri. Ahri saw the bracelet Yoon wore and also asked about the ring and asked if he is sad about taking it off. Ahri asked him about the next schedule. but Yoon said sorry that he had another meeting. Yoon was going to Teesan home . Teesan asked if he come as his friend or ahri's boyfriend. Yoon said as Ahri's boyfriend. Teesan told him to go. Yoon kneeled down and said he will make Ahri happy. Teesan told him to get up and the hit him asking him how can he do this to him. Yoon keep insisting and said please give him Ahri. Teesan was holding anger and tears . Teesan was drinking in Jungrok's bar when Dojin come. Teesan asked if he met with Yoon. Dojin just said some gibberish and Teesan said he hit Yoon. Dojin just touched his arom to comfort him. Teesan said from the first time it's already a lose game. Dojin said just give up and just watch them. Jungrok was measuring the TV when Minsong come. Jungrok said he was not okay with the wealth share, Minsong said she will give him the 1/3. Jungrok said okay and he will cut the things to 1/3. He put sign on Tv and water dispenser. He took out the lectric saw when Yoon come. Jungrok asked Yoon about his face. Minsong told jUngrok to handle everything with Yoon and got into the room. Minsong surprised that Jungrok already put sign on everything. Minsong smiled seeing everything. yisoo was putting nail color when Dojin come with Ahri. Dojin told ahri not t get in Yisoo's room. But ahri said she was already going to go out. Yisoo said she is putting more brave color since it's holiday. Suddenly a call come to Dojin from Yoon. Yoon said Yisoo's mother called and asked to meet with Dojin. Dojin just listened it make sure Yisoo didn't hear it. Dojin met with Yisoo's mother and told her about himself. Yisoo's mother said she had no right to object on Yisoo's choice. Yisoo come and found them. She got angry and left the restaurant. The mother said she has no right to object but have right to see. Yisoo's mother told Dojin Yisoo got a lot of pain from her and asked him to take care him. Dojin said not to worry and catch her. Yisoo was crying and said she was embarrases, But Dojin just comfort her and hug her. Jungrok was tired from all his effort to win Minsong's heart. he is out of way to win her hearts. Dojin said he should told Yoon and Ahri to get married . Teesan suddenly come and said Yoon and ahri will come. when Yoon and Ahri come, Teesan told him he hate to see them break up in the future.so he told them to get married. Yoon said yes, and how fast can they get married. Jungrok and dojin said maybe ahri doesn't like it, Ahri said no, and said let's get up and find wedding chapel and everything, So many things to do. Jungrok and Dojin said good job. Dojin sudeenly act cute and make the 2 guys left. Ahri was in shocked expression walking with Yoon. Yoon asked Ahri about her dream wedding, But ari said no, her dream only to get married with Yoon. Yoon said he will cherish Ahri the they hus each other. Minsong was eating lunch while two of her staff report on her. Suddenly Jungrok come and asked them if they told him on her location. Jungrok threatened them. Jungrok told them Yoon and Ahri is getting married. Jungrok about their wedding gift and asked if they should prepare it together. Jungrok asked if she's happy. She said yes but Jungrok said no. Minsong asked him to leave after finish his talk. Jungrok said sorry for the sadness he brought in their marriage and told Minsong to be happy. After saying that he left the restaurant, Minsong continue eating with sad face. Colling and friedns watched one his school friend got beat by other school's students. The friend go and help him. Dojin come to the police station to handle about the fight. the other student's father also come and hit collin. Dojin was unsatisfied and hit the father's head . He told the father to also respect other people's kids. Dojin told the police officer he is Collin and his friend's parents. Collin's friend asked why Dojin help him when have bad memory with him. But he just told them to cut smoke and left them. Dojin met with Yisoo and told about what happpened and told her about the wedding. yisoo said she is surprised and said Yoon must love her very much. dojin kid her and said he also love her so maybe they should... Before finish her sentence Yisoo shut his mouth with ice. yisoo got surprised see one of the man coming to cafe. Dojin asked why and Yisoo said he looked alike her ex. Dojin was angry and asked if she still have feeling so she surprised. Yisoo also got angry and they got home to Yisoo's home. Dojin want to erase Yisoo nail color since it's too sexy. Minsong called Yisoo and asked to meet her tonight. The 4 woman come to the bar celebrating Ahri's bachelorette party. The 4 guys got into the bar to catch the 4 woman.The front guys stop them. But after Dojin told him to count out Teesan and Jungrok, He let Dojin and Yoon get in. Teesan and Jungrok paid the front guy. When the 4 woman wait to see the selection of man. The 4 guys got in and surprised them Next week episode: Yoon and Ahris' wedding Also Dojin's proposal to Yisoo. Sera fainted and Jungrok try to win Minsong back. And another kiss scene for Yisoo and Dojin's couple
i love all of their characyers here... good job.. thanks v3sia for this recap...^^
I like Tae San too. He is warming up to the idea, as difficult as it for him. poor guy.
I love Yoon and MeAhri. Thak you for the recap ^^
Loved the episode!!! Sooooooo happy to finally see it!! :)
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