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is no one else gonna talk about this?
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wait...was this interview in Korean? is he actually coming out as bisexual or is it just one of those lost in translation things? (To be honest, if he is bisexual, it would be amazing and hugely positive if he came out publicly but since he's a celebrity in Korea, I highly doubt that would be the case and his agency...would almost definitely NOT be ok with him saying something like that...sad but true).
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well in asia you can have ideal type, woman or even man, like a role model. if you see the interview, I'm pretty sure is that happened. . just a misunderstanding.
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Don't over react ,a lot of male idols talk about their ideal man type ,not a big deal.
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@JennaBrown .is exactly what I say it!
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this is my favorite singer here when he said that he meant for himself.
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