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Cyclist on cyclist road rage is something I rarely ever see. I am glad that this incident didn't end any worse. A cyclist in London was kicked off his bicycle as a sort of retaliation from another cyclist. As to why this person would injury someone like this is beyond me. Please help this cyclist find the person in the video to bring him to justice. If you have any information that can lead to identifying the person on the video will be much appreciated. The incident happened in London at around 5:15 pm in front of the embankment station on Wednesday August 6th 2014. Cyclists YouTube page: Raphael Carrondo
@bikesnob the way I see it is you can do 2 things ether call the cops and wait to see what happens or don't call the cops and kick some ass
bmx dude is a TWAT.
"this is sparta!" but seriously getting owned by a bmxer is just embarrassing.if that happen to me I would just get back up and catch up to that douche bag and beat the shit out of him while on my bike with my u lock.
@JohnAllignton The BMXr was trying to pass on the left. If you didn't notice the video is from England, where they drive on the left side of the road. This means you pass on the right in England.
proly more to the story, who knows. It was a childish move though
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