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Timechart| online Attendance system

A Simple Solution for all your Complex needs.
Managers across various organizations know the immense complexities of managing timesheets of employees. This simple step eats into their valuable time. Plus, the lack of proper visibility prevents the proper alignment of responsibility among particular team members. But with Time Chart’s online attendance system, you can easily overcome all these problems.
The time attendance software is geared to power up your organization’s timesheet management endeavours.
Get rid of clumsy and messy paper-based timesheet management. Time tracking became a lot more streamlined and impactful with our customized online attendance system. Your workforce is the vital fuel that powers up your organization. Stay on top of their productivity with the help of the attendance management software. Stop relying on paper time-sheets to track your employees, when they start and end their day, TimeChart Mobile attendance system gives business everything they need to manage all aspects of their workforce’s time. Including keeping track of when your employees come and go, how many hours they worked, their schedules, and their time-off requests.
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Bộ sạc xe nâng 24V-50A vì sao được ưa chuộng?
Tùy vào mỗi chiếc xe sẽ tiêu dùng một bình ắc quy và bộ sạc riêng biệt. Vậy bộ sạc xe nâng điện 24V-50A thường dùng cho chiếc xe nào? Đa số các mẫu trên thị phần đều cần đến các mẫu sạc chuyên dụng để cấp năng lượng cho ắc quy. – Chuyên dụng cho xe nâng tay điện thấp: Xe nâng tay pallet thấp (tải 1.5 tấn đến 2.5 tấn) dùng điện nâng hạ và chuyển di sẽ sở hữu ắc quy từ 24V-15Ah, 24V-85Ah đến 24V-120Ah. Sử dụng máy sạc 24V-50A là thích hợp cho những chiếc xe trên. – Xe nâng tay điện cao: Thường nhật xe nâng điện cao 1.2 tấn lên 3m mang ắc quy 24V-105Ah, các loại to hơn sẽ là 24V-250Ah. Thích hợp để sử dụng cho máy sạc trên. - Xe nâng điện stacker 1.5 tấn cao 2500kg, 3000kg, 3500kg vẫn dùng ắc quy 24V. Những ưu thế của máy sạc 24V cho xe nâng - Chế độ tự động cân bằng loại điện vào. - Trong quá trình sạc, nguồn điện áp vào có thể chợp chờn, chẳng hề khi nào cũng 220V nên sạc sẽ tự động cân bằng giúp ắc quy không ảnh hưởng chất lượng. - Tự động ngắt lúc sạc đầy bình điện. - Sạc xe nâng điện phần đông những phụ kiện đi kèm từ dây nối, giắc cắm sạc xe nâng… Để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết về các dòng sạc xe nâng, mời quý khách liên hệ qua hotline 0901-416-828 để nhận được tư vấn nhanh chóng nhé.
International School: How does it benefit your child?
Of all the decisions you take on behalf of your kids, the most prominent and the toughest one is choosing the best school for their education. We are surrounded by a plethora of educational institutions, discovering new ones every day which makes it even more difficult to find the one that best matches your interests. Our traditional education system has been deeply rooted in our country, but it has some infrastructural shortcomings which might not prove adequate for today’s children. The changes in the global economy and the ever-evolving future make it apparent that the focus of education shouldn’t be on the exams and chalk and dust curriculums, but to lay a strong foundation for children to enhance their rational thinking abilities and innovative intelligence. The growth of international schools has mostly been fuelled by the immigrant professionals around the world pursuing their career goals, making it equally important for their children to find a reliable place for education. The emergence of international schools has made it possible for every parent to rethink their choice of schools for their children. The need to focus on the abilities and talents of a child more than their scores is evidence of the type of change we all need in the education sector. The global competition scenario is becoming a matter of concern for many parents, as they want a school that offers a quality education that goes beyond academics. This leads to more and more international schools coming to the forefront with curriculums designed to match parents’ expectations. While some follow Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), others integrate the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) into their curriculum. These curriculums are recognized and accepted by most foreign universities. There are plenty of benefits your child might experience while studying in an international school. To begin with, it prepares them to fit in the modern labor market and be responsible global citizens. The education that is offered in international schools is at par with foreign standards and exposes them to a real-world learning context. For example, the curriculum offered at Indus International School which is one of the international schools in pune, is not just focused on academics, but on the holistic development of students by shaping their approach towards integrity, discipline, emotional intelligence, and personality development. The quality of education and comprehensive learning programs offered at international schools has made people of both towns and cities migrate from state schools to private schools. Another major benefit international schools offer is the continuity with the same curriculum even when a student shifts to a different country. This helps in an easy adaptation of curriculum and keeps them at par with the global learning pace, thereby acting as a stepping stone when applying for higher education overseas. International schools introduce students to foreign cultures, providing them wider scope to learn different languages. It helps nurture the inquisitive nature of children, opens them to opportunities across the world, and broadens their minds to adapt to the most unfavorable conditions in life. Most international schools like Indus, have a higher student-teacher ratio that allows students to communicate seamlessly with their mentors and enough ease for doubt clarification and personalized tutoring. The globally accredited programs in international schools allow students to get accepted easily by foreign universities and give them a cutting-edge profile over other students. The unique grading system offers them an extensive advantage for higher studies and scholarships. With such a system in place, your child will not only gain a competitive advantage with academic excellence but will have proficiency in extra-curricular activities and cognitive abilities. When looking for the best schools in pune, make sure you don’t just fall for the name. The key elements of an international school are the accreditation of one of the above-mentioned foreign boards, internationally trained staff, a global mindset of the mentors, and facilities at par with the international standards. While enrolling your child, walk through the school website and take consultation with the team to under whether their offering is in line with your expectations. An ideal international school provides opportunities for exponential learning and simulates innovative intelligence. The gaining visibility of international schools is encouraging all institutions in the education sector to offer whole learning and not just subject matter. Modern teaching methods and technology integration are much needed in today’s day and age to make children ready for the future. When students are given the choice to select the subjects of their interests, they discover their real potential and it instigates curiosity-based learning. Such skills will help students to develop leadership and entrepreneurial abilities, guiding them to become future leaders and change-makers. Wouldn’t you be interested to enroll your kid in a world of endless possibilities that international schools have to offer? With a blend of advanced infrastructure, devices, and modern teaching methods, students are exposed to a whole new different level of a learning environment. With such refined education systems, international standard curriculum, multiple languages, and diverse cultures of peers, your child will be prepared for life. It will help them to adapt themselves to the dynamic world and hold ground in the most challenging times.
Top 5 Benefits Of Firebase Database System
The number of apps being made for mobile devices has reached new heights. Hundreds of new apps are released to the app stores every day across various categories. However, not every one of them makes the cut. You’re probably wondering what it is about a particular application that makes it stand out from the crowd. The answer is simple. First and foremost, When a Flutter app development company like Flutter Agency ( you employ to develop your app is critical to its success. Next, the framework you choose to develop the app has a significant impact on the app’s usability and performance. In 2022, Firebase will be one of the most widely used platform for creating apps with excellent functionality. Image Source:Google Firebase Firebase: Overview Firebase is a backend-as-a-service platform for building mobile and web apps with Google’s backing. It includes various services and meaningful APIs to help developers create high-quality apps. Moreover, it offers a seamless integration procedure with Flutter, allowing apps to be developed for Android, iOS, and Web App. Firebase Platform Core Features The following functionalities are available on Firebase, which is why so many mobile app development companies use it to create their apps: 1. Libraries for Authentication Authenticating users in an app is made simple using the SDKs, back-end APIs, and user interface frameworks support provided by Firebase. Typically, it takes months to implement a viable authentication procedure, but with Firebase, the entire system can be built in minutes and under 15 lines of code. Image Source:Google Firebase Furthermore, the authentication system is very effective and capable of handling all types of complicated tasks without difficulty. Users may be verified using a variety of methods, including email address and password, social media handles, and even a phone number. To ensure the safety and security of your application, Firebase significantly enhances the user login experience. 2. Realtime Database A real-time database is the main selling point of Firebase. Data is saved as JSON in a cloud-hosted database and is synced to each related client in real-time using Firebase. Modern applications need a real-time database instance that refreshes the current data. Apps don’t need to maintain their databases thanks to this functionality of the Firebase platform. Using the cloud-based database to manage app data and provide quick data outputs is possible. 3. Analytical Tools Provided By Google The ability to get actionable insights from data aids firms in formulating growth plans that are considerably more efficient. Google has implemented Google Ads, AdActive, and many more technology solutions to measure and accommodate the KPIs of a business. Firebase provides an easy approach to link with Google Analytics so that user activity data can be collected and analytical information may be generated. Businesses may utilize the data to improve client retention and increase the user engagement rate of their application. 4. Cloud Storage Firebase’s capacity to store data in the cloud is another common reason for any bespoke mobile app development business to employ it. It’s easy to save photos and movies in the cloud with Firebase’s Firebase Cloud Storage feature. Image Source:Google Firebase Uploading and downloading files can be paused and resumed automatically in the cloud, which increases the available data bandwidth for the user’s needs. End-users may rest easy knowing that their data is protected using firebase authentication. The 5 Best Reasons to Use Firebase as Your Database System 1. App Indexing Increases Website Traffic Using the Firebase App Indexing API service, you may boost your business’s online visibility. Using this solution helps consumers find what they’re looking for and improves the website’s online visibility. The tool gives an install button just before search results that may be used to rapidly install your company’s mobile app or browse its content. With the help of Firebase App Indexing, you may boost your website’s or app’s search engine rankings and attract more visitors. 2. Fast and Secure Web Hosting Fast and secure hosting services are another amazing feature of Firebase’s platform. Web apps, static files, and dynamic data are all supported by Firebase Hosting. Zero-configuration SSL is another security feature offered by Firebase Hosting. Firebase’s SSL certification ensures data integrity and protects the domain from a wide range of external threats. Your app’s speed will be boosted because of Firebase Hosting’s use of SSDs and CDNs, which make content delivery exceptionally quick. 3. Crash Reports for Swift Bug Fixing There are several reasons why customized mobile app development businesses prefer Firebase Crashlytics over competing frameworks like Android Studio and Xamarin. The tool uses real-time error and issues detection to ensure that the user’s experience with the app is as good as possible. Crashlytics makes it easier for the developer to find the root of the problem and correct it by categorizing the mistakes into manageable and understandable segments. Based on user feedback, the tool highlights the problems that need your attention first, making it easier for developers to promptly take the necessary action. 4. Enhanced Application Performance The most significant factor in determining the success of an application is the app’s performance. Developers may use Firebase to build bespoke performance traces and identify issues that are influencing the app’s overall performance. An automatic HTTPS requests monitoring method may evaluate network latencies in-depth and give you information on the gadget, OS, and network utilized by the user so that you can investigate and take necessary remedial actions. 5. Target Messaging Push Notifications With push notifications, you can retain consumers and attract a significant number of new ones. It’s easy to send and receive notifications thanks to the Firebase Cloud Messaging technology, which links devices and servers. It is possible for users to divide their notifications and messages in order to send them just to particular recipients. Additionally, you can keep tabs on how many people are responding to your push notifications, as well as their overall engagement and conversion rate, and make adjustments to your plan accordingly. Conclusion Many mobile app development companies rely on Firebase as a powerful and cutting-edge platform when creating custom mobile applications for their clientele. Firebase provides fantastic and effective tools that accelerate the development process and improve the quality and performance of mobile applications. Flutter Agency – a leading team of Expert Flutter programmers offers end to end smartphone application solutions and helps enterprise to get app from the ground up to its full potential at a reasonable cost. Source:
How to Detect a Click Outside a React Component?
Today we are going to see how you can detect a click outside of a React component. We will understand this topic by creating a custom React hook for it. For example, consider a case where you want a custom React hook for dropdown or dialog components that need to close when the user clicks outside of them. So, in this article, we’ll figure out the way to find out this outside click. Checkout the best way to use React hooks that would be helpful to meet the quality. We can use the contains API to see if a target node is contained within another node. That is, it will return true if the clicked component is within the component we are interested in and false otherwise. A React component is a JSX-based UI building unit self-contained, reusable, and separated. Web developers also use custom dropdowns to allow users to choose from a list of alternatives. As we have seen earlier the components like custom dropdown should be close while user clicks outside when it is open. To build an enterprise-level application or implement these solutions, you can easily consult or hire react developers from Detecting an outside click of a functional component Let’s make an HTML tooltip by using the InfoBox React functional component. When the user hits a button, the tooltip appears, and when the user clicks outside of the tooltip component, it disappears. We will try to detect click outside the React component for the solution of this question. To get started, we’ll construct a new React app. You can also use the code below to detect outside clicks in your existing React app. Example: import React, { useRef, useEffect } from "react"; import PropTypes from "prop-types"; function outSide(open) { useEffect(() => { function handleClickOutside(event) { if (open.current && !open.current.contains( { alert("Show alert Box!"); } } document.addEventListener("mousedown", handleClickOutside); return () => { document.removeEventListener("mousedown", handleClickOutside); }; }, [open]); } function outSideClick(props) { const wrapperRef = useRef(null); outSide(wrapperRef); return; {props.children} ; } outSideClick.propTypes = { children: PropTypes.element.isRequired }; export default outSideClick; Output <button>Click Outside</button> Click outside: UseRef: The useRef hook allows the functional component to create a direct reference to the DOM element. Syntax: UseRef: The useRef hook allows the functional component to create a direct reference to the DOM element. Syntax: The useRef returns a mutable ref object. This object has a property called .current. The refContainer.current property keeps track of the value. The current property of the returned object is used to access these values. UseEffect: React useEffect is a function that is executed for 3 different React component lifecycles which we will see below. 1. componentDidMount 2. componentDidUpdate 3. componentWillUnmount 1. componentDidMount: We started fixing fetch calls before the class Component and even inside the render() method when we made made our first React component. This had strange negative effects on the application, causing groan. 2. componentDidUpdate: This React lifecycle is called immediately after a prop or state change has occurred. It signifies we clicked inside our worried element if the element that triggered the mouse down event is either our concerned element or any element that is inside the concerned element. Example: DetectElement.js: Output Conclusion So far, we have seen that how you can detect a click outside the the React components using the custom React hook. Also, we have learned to utilize UseEffet hook and UseRef hook while detecting the outside click by user. Thank you for reading the article. Hope you enjoyed the Reading. Keep visiting Bosc Tech Labs for more insightful content. Source:
Need To Wear Different Types Of Wigs For Different Occasions?
Maybe you haven't realized it yet, but especially for young girls who are not familiar with the world, it is best to wear a suitable HD lace wig for different occasions, so as to avoid being too abrupt and being talked about. Here are wig recommendations for different special occasions on Wet Kiss: 1) Graduation ceremony Are you one of the graduates? After graduation, you enter a new phase of your life. At the end of this important period, you will want to leave behind wonderful memories. So for the big day, make sure your graduation hair looks amazing. Straight lines and body waviness are classical. But it's also the most common. If you want to make a particularly gorgeous graduation hairstyle, a water wave 99j bundles wig can make a great gift. The unique curve will make you look better. Who doesn't want to take a nice picture at graduation? 2)Workplace Busy workdays and tight schedules often don't leave us with enough time to take care of our hair. So wigs that are easy to install and maintain are the best choice. Wigs with short Bob hair in natural colors and brown are recommended. It will help you present a professional and competent image in the workplace. The straight wig is classic, timeless and infallible. Bob wigs are usually shoulder-length, shorter, and easier to manage. As for color, natural colors and browns are not too dramatic to draw unwanted attention. 3) The wedding In addition to the choice of a wedding ring, dress, shoes, and accessories, wedding hair is also an important aspect. Creating flawless hair for your wedding is crucial to making you feel confident and fabulous. The human wave wig has a natural wavy, elegant and stylish look. The uniqueness of the long wavy wig will enhance your overall look and make you the center of attention. On such an important day, you don't want anyone to know you're wearing a wig. So opt for an HD lace wig. Hd lace is suitable for all kinds of skin, so that lace into your skin perfectly. When you wear it, it gives a real hairline and makes the hairstyle look natural. And you must choose a front lace style wig. Then its lace area is relatively large, it is very convenient for your hair stylist to do beautiful modeling for you. 4) Birthday party Birthdays are special days for everyone. On this day, you want to wear a dress and high heels. But don't forget unique hairstyles can be more flattering. There's a great opportunity to choose a highlight-colored wig that makes you the most different person you can be. West Kiss Hair has an exclusive original highlight wig, which is a brown wig with a golden highlight #P4/613 wig. You'll be the only princess at your birthday party. 5) Dating Everyone wants to try a curly wig to enhance the date night look. Curls provide you with textured, fluffy hair and can transform your appearance. Every hair has movement and body, causing waves wherever you go. Curly human hair wigs will add volume and depth to your look while providing you with a unique style. Your date will stare you in the face! 6) Travel Relaxation is at the heart of the holiday. While on vacation, avoid anything that might cause trouble. You don't want to spend hours styling your holiday hair before you leave the house. And most trips are not local. Easy to install, portable wigs should be the first choice. We recommend a headband wig. It is very easy to install and maintain and doesn't need glue. When you need it, you just put it on, clip it in, leave the edges and attach Velcro. You can prepare a variety of headbands for a replacement to get a different feel. West Kiss Hair Is a headband wig with different textures such as straight hair, body waves, and other curly Hair. The wigs of West Kiss Hair are made of human hair from Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia, which are real, natural, and durable. In addition, the latest information on wigs is updated from time to time in the official blog every month. Girls who want to know about wigs must check it out.
Jasa Kirim Barang Jakarta Wasile (0816267079)
Logistik Express Cargo merupakan jasa pengiriman barang dan cargo dengan tujuan Wasile dan juga ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia. Kami menyediakan ongkir ke Wasile yang terjangkau dengan proses yang mudah serta pengiriman yang aman sampai alamat tujuan. Didukung oleh tenaga operasional dan customer service yang berpengalaman pada bidangnya sehingga Logistik Express siap untuk membantu pengiriman barang anda. Ketentuan Logistik Express Ekspedisi Wasile Tarif berlaku untuk pengiriman dari kota ke kota, yakni tujuan ke Wasile, Tarif dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu. Informasi tarif terbaru bisa langsung menghubungi CS Logistik Express, Biaya asuransi dan packing belum termasuk ke dalam tarif di atas, Barang ringan namun besar, maka akan dihitung berat volume. MACAM MACAM ARMADA PENGIRIMAN 1. Via Udara Jasa Pengiriman via udara banyak dipilih oleh para pengirim barang maupun penyedia jasa ekspedisi karena leadtime pengirimannya yang cepat dan efisien. Namun pengiriman via udara ini juga memiliki ongkir yang lebih mahal daripada pengiriman dengan armada via darat dan via laut. 2. Via Laut Cargo via laut ini kerap menjadi pilihan armada pengiriman barang karena jangkauannya yang luas. Armada cargo via laut ini dapat menjangkau pengiriman antar provinsi dan juga antar pulau. Jika anda menginginkan pengiriman yang aman namun tetap dengan ongkir terjangkau maka cargo via laut ini menjadi pilihan yang tepat untuk anda. 3. Via Darat Cargo via darat dengan armada kereta maupun truk cargo juga banyak dipilih oleh masyarakat yang ingin mengirimkan barang. selain ongkir yang terjangkau, cargo darat ini memudahkan para pengirim untuk melacak posisi barangnya. *CARA MENGHITUNG BERAT VOLUME KIRIMAN DARAT, LAUT, UDARA* Umumnya pengiriman barang pindahan menggunakan hitungan berat Volume. Menghitung berat volume kiriman via darat, laut, dan Udara cukup mudah. Adapun rumus hitungnya sebagai berikut : 1. Rumus Via darat dan laut ( p x l x t : 4000 ) 2. Rumus Via Udara ( p x l x t : 6000) Hasil penghitungan tersebut selanjutnya dapat dikalikan dengan tarif pengiriman setiap wilayah. Keuntungan menggunakan jasa cargo murah ke Wasile antara lain: Efisien waktu dengan jasa pengiriman Estimasi barang sampai cepat Jangkauan luas Memudahkan pengiriman dalam jumlah besar PEMESANAN LAYANAN CARGO BANDUNG Hubungi Kami Untuk Konsultasi Dan Juga Layanan Kiriman Cargo Customer Service Yuni : 0816 2670 79 Email : Ekspedisi Jakarta tual Ekspedisi Jakarta ternate Ekspedisi Jakarta tiakur Ekspedisi Jakarta tidore Ekspedisi Jakarta ambon Ekspedisi Jakarta dobo Ekspedisi Jakarta jailolo Ekspedisi Jakarta pulau kei besar Ekspedisi Jakarta pulau kei kecil Ekspedisi Jakarta namrole Ekspedisi Jakarta masohi Ekspedisi Jakarta langgur
How to Create a Download Button in Flutter?
Apps are brimming with buttons that carry out long-running actions. A button, for example, could initiate a download, which initiates the download process, receives data over time, and ultimately grants access to the downloaded content. It’s useful to provide the user with the details of how a long-running procedure is progressing, and the button is a suitable spot to do so. This recipe will show you how to make a download button that changes visual states depending on the status of an app download. If you are having trouble implementing the solution, gets talented Flutter developers for hire from our company. Our developers are also experts in creating high-end mobile applications. The steps involved in the process of creating a download button in the flutter development app are mentioned below: Defining a new Stateful widget Defining the possible visual states of the button Display the shape of the button Creating the display of the button’s text Display a spinner while fetching the download Display the progress percentage and a stop button while downloading Add callbacks to button taps 1. Defining a new stateful widget The appearance of your button widget must alter over time. As a result, you’ll need to use a bespoke stateless widget to implement your button. Then, define a new stateless widget called DownloadButton. class DownloadButton extends StatelessWidget { const DownloadButton({ super.key, }); @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { // TODO: return const SizedBox(); } } 2. Defining the possible visual states of the button The current download status determines the visual display of the download button. After Defining the download’s possible states, update DownloadButton to accept a DownloadStatus and specify the duration for how long the button should fly from one visual state to the next. When designing a custom widget, you must select whether it receives all necessary information from its parent or if the Widget orchestrates the application’s activity internally. DownloadButton, for example, might get the existing DownloadStatus from its parent, or it may coordinate the download process within its State object. Rather than managing behavior within the Widget, the ideal solution for most widgets is to transfer relevant information into it from its parent. You assure increased utility for the Widget, simpler testing, and future modifications to application behavior by handing in all essential information. enum DownloadStatus { notDownloaded, fetchingDownload, downloading, downloaded, } 3. Display the shape of the button The form of the download button varies depending on the download state. During the notDownloaded and downloaded phases, the button shows a gray, rounded rectangle. During the fetchingDownload and downloading stages, the button shows a translucent circle. In the next step, Create an AnimatedContainer with a ShapeDecoration that shows a rounded rectangle or a circle based on the current DownloadStatus. Consider establishing the shape’s widget tree in a separate Stateless widget to keep the main construct() function simple while allowing for the modifications that will come later. Then, rather than constructing a function to return a widget, such as Widget _buildSomething(), always create a StatelessWidget or a StatefulWidget, which is faster. Now, the AnimatedContainer appears to be just a SizedBox child, but you don’t need to worry; we will resolve this state in another step. @immutable classButtonShapeWidget extends StatelessWidget { constButtonShapeWidget({ super.key, requiredthis.isDownloading, requiredthis.isDownloaded, requiredthis.isFetching, requiredthis.transitionDuration, }); final bool isDownloading; final bool isDownloaded; final bool isFetching; final Duration transitionDuration; @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { var shape = constShapeDecoration( shape: StadiumBorder(), color: CupertinoColors.lightBackgroundGray, ); if (isDownloading || isFetching) { shape = ShapeDecoration( shape: constCircleBorder(), color: Colors.white.withOpacity(0.0), ); } return AnimatedContainer( duration: transitionDuration, curve: Curves.ease, width: double.infinity, decoration: shape, child: constSizedBox(), ); } } 4. Creating the display of the button’s text Different messages are displayed through the Download button in its different phases. The notDownloaded phase displays the GET option. The downloaded phases display the OPEN option for the users, while no text is displayed in the intermediate process. Add widgets to show text throughout each download step, and animate the opacity of the text between them. For example, in the button wrapper widget, make the text widget tree a child of the AnimatedContainer. return AnimatedContainer( duration: transitionDuration, curve: Curves.ease, width: double.infinity, decoration: shape, child: Padding( padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 6), child: AnimatedOpacity( duration: transitionDuration, opacity: isDownloading || isFetching ? 0.0 : 1.0, curve: Curves.ease, child: Text( isDownloaded ?'OPEN' : 'GET', textAlign:, style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.button?.copyWith( fontWeight: FontWeight.bold, color: CupertinoColors.activBlue, ), ), ), ), ); 5. Display a spinner while fetching the download The DownloadButton shows a radial spinner while fetchingDownload is in progress. This spinner transitions from notDownloaded to fetchingDownload. Install a radial spinner on top of the button form that fades in and out at appropriate intervals. The function Object() { [native code] } of the ButtonShapeWidget has been eliminated to focus on its build function and the Stack widget that we’ve created. @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return GestureDetector( onTap: _onPressed, child: Stack( children: [ ButtonShapeWidget( transitionDuration: transitionDuration, isDownloaded: _isDownloaded, isDownloading: _isDownloading, isFetching: _isFetching, ), Positioned.fill( child: AnimatedOpacity( duration: transitionDuration, opacity: _isDownloading || _isFetching ? 1.0 : 0.0, curve: Curves.ease, child: ProgressIndicatorWidget( downloadProgress: downloadProgress, isDownloading: _isDownloading, isFetching: _isFetching, ), ), ), ], ), ); } 6. Display the progress percentage and a stop button while downloading Following the retrieval, the downloading step is exactly that. The DownloadButton transforms the radial progress spinner with a rising radial progress bar during the downloading period. A stop button symbol is also displayed on the DownloadButton, allowing the user to halt an ongoing download. After adding an advancement property to the DownloadButton plugin, change the progress display to a radial toolbar during the downloading phase. Then, place a stop button icon in the center of the radial progress bar. @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return GestureDetector( onTap: _onPressed, child: Stack( children: [ ButtonShapeWidget( transitionDuration: transitionDuration, isDownloaded: _isDownloaded, isDownloading: _isDownloading, isFetching: _isFetching, ), Positioned.fill( child: AnimatedOpacity( duration: transitionDuration, opacity: _isDownloading || _isFetching ? 1.0 : 0.0, curve: Curves.ease, child: Stack( alignment:, children: [ ProgressIndicatorWidget( downloadProgress: downloadProgress, isDownloading: _isDownloading, isFetching: _isFetching, ), if (_isDownloading) const Icon( Icons.stop, size: 14.0, color: CupertinoColors.activeBlue, ), ], ), ), ), ], ), ); } 7. Add callbacks to button taps The button behavior is the final thing that your DownloadButton requires. When the user clicks the button, it must do some action. Add callbacks for starting a download, canceling a download, and opening a download to the widget properties. Finally, use a GestureDetector widget to cover DownloadButton’s current widget tree and route the tap event to the relevant callback property. void _onPressed() { switch (status) { case DownloadStatus.notDownloaded: onDownload(); break; case DownloadStatus.fetchingDownload: // do nothing. break; case DownloadStatus.downloading: onCancel(); break; case DownloadStatus.downloaded: onOpen(); break; } } Now at the end of the process, you have a button that displays different information based on whatever phase it is in: not downloaded, seeking download, downloading phase, and downloaded completely. The user may tap to initiate a download, stop an ongoing download, and access a finished download by tapping. Let’s see a full example of DownloadButton: import 'package:flutter/cupertino.dart'; import 'package:flutter/material.dart'; void main() { runApp( const MaterialApp( home: ExampleDownloadButton(), debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false, ), ); } @immutable class ExampleDownloadButton extends StatefulWidget { const ExampleDownloadButton(); @override _ExampleDownloadButtonState createState() => _ExampleDownloadButtonState(); } class _ExampleDownloadButtonState extends State<exampledownloadbutton> { late final List<downloadcontroller> _downloadControllers; @override void initState() { super.initState(); _downloadControllers = List<downloadcontroller>.generate( 10, (index) => SimulatedDownloadController(onOpenDownload: () { _openDownload(index); }), ); } void _openDownload(int index) { ScaffoldMessenger.of(context).showSnackBar( SnackBar( content: Text('Open PDF ${index + 1}'), ), ); } @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return Scaffold( appBar: AppBar(title: const Text('Download Button')), body: ListView.separated( itemCount: _downloadControllers.length, separatorBuilder: (_, __) => const Divider(), itemBuilder: _buildListItem, ), ); } Widget _buildListItem(BuildContext context, int index) { final theme = Theme.of(context); final downloadController = _downloadControllers[index]; return ListTile( leading: const Icon(Icons.list_rounded), title: Text( 'Pdf ${index + 1}', overflow: TextOverflow.ellipsis, style: theme.textTheme.headline6, ), trailing: SizedBox( width: 96, child: AnimatedBuilder( animation: downloadController, builder: (context, child) { return DownloadButton( status: downloadController.downloadStatus, downloadProgress: downloadController.progress, onDownload: downloadController.startDownload, onCancel: downloadController.stopDownload, onOpen: downloadController.openDownload, ); }, ), ), ); } } enum DownloadStatus { notDownloaded, fetchingDownload, downloading, downloaded, } abstract class DownloadController implements ChangeNotifier { DownloadStatus get downloadStatus; double get progress; void startDownload(); void stopDownload(); void openDownload(); } class SimulatedDownloadController extends DownloadController with ChangeNotifier { SimulatedDownloadController({ DownloadStatus downloadStatus = DownloadStatus.notDownloaded, double progress = 0.0, required VoidCallback onOpenDownload, }) : _downloadStatus = downloadStatus, _progress = progress, _onOpenDownload = onOpenDownload; DownloadStatus _downloadStatus; @override DownloadStatus get downloadStatus => _downloadStatus; double _progress; @override double get progress => _progress; final VoidCallback _onOpenDownload; bool _isDownloading = false; @override void startDownload() { if (downloadStatus == DownloadStatus.notDownloaded) { _doSimulatedDownload(); } } @override void stopDownload() { if (_isDownloading) { _isDownloading = false; _downloadStatus = DownloadStatus.notDownloaded; _progress = 0.0; notifyListeners(); } } @override void openDownload() { if (downloadStatus == DownloadStatus.downloaded) { _onOpenDownload(); } } Future<void> _doSimulatedDownload() async { _isDownloading = true; _downloadStatus = DownloadStatus.fetchingDownload; notifyListeners(); // Wait a second to simulate fetch time. await Future<void>.delayed(const Duration(seconds: 1)); // If the user chose to cancel the download, stop the simulation. if (!_isDownloading) { return; } // Shift to the downloading phase. _downloadStatus = DownloadStatus.downloading; notifyListeners(); const downloadProgressStops = [0.0, 0.15, 0.45, 0.8, 1.0]; for (final stop in downloadProgressStops) { // Wait a second to simulate varying download speeds. // await Future<void>.delayed(const Duration(seconds: 1)); if (!_isDownloading) { return; } _progress = stop; notifyListeners(); } await Future<void>.delayed(const Duration(seconds: 1)); if (!_isDownloading) { return; } _downloadStatus = DownloadStatus.downloaded; _isDownloading = false; notifyListeners(); } } @immutable class DownloadButton extends StatelessWidget { const DownloadButton({ required this.status, this.downloadProgress = 0.0, required this.onDownload, required this.onCancel, required this.onOpen, this.transitionDuration = const Duration(milliseconds: 500), }); final DownloadStatus status; final double downloadProgress; final VoidCallback onDownload; final VoidCallback onCancel; final VoidCallback onOpen; final Duration transitionDuration; bool get _isDownloading => status == DownloadStatus.downloading; bool get _isFetching => status == DownloadStatus.fetchingDownload; bool get _isDownloaded => status == DownloadStatus.downloaded; void _onPressed() { switch (status) { case DownloadStatus.notDownloaded: onDownload(); break; case DownloadStatus.fetchingDownload: // do nothing. break; case DownloadStatus.downloading: onCancel(); break; case DownloadStatus.downloaded: onOpen(); break; } } @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return GestureDetector( onTap: _onPressed, child: Stack( children: [ ButtonShapeWidget( transitionDuration: transitionDuration, isDownloaded: _isDownloaded, isDownloading: _isDownloading, isFetching: _isFetching, ), Positioned.fill( child: AnimatedOpacity( duration: transitionDuration, opacity: _isDownloading || _isFetching ? 1.0 : 0.0, curve: Curves.ease, child: Stack( alignment:, children: [ ProgressIndicatorWidget( downloadProgress: downloadProgress, isDownloading: _isDownloading, isFetching: _isFetching, ), if (_isDownloading) const Icon( Icons.stop, size: 14, color: CupertinoColors.activeBlue, ), ], ), ), ), ], ), ); } } @immutable class ButtonShapeWidget extends StatelessWidget { const ButtonShapeWidget({ key, required this.isDownloading, required this.isDownloaded, required this.isFetching, required this.transitionDuration, }); final bool isDownloading; final bool isDownloaded; final bool isFetching; final Duration transitionDuration; @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { var shape = const ShapeDecoration( shape: StadiumBorder(), color: CupertinoColors.lightBackgroundGray, ); if (isDownloading || isFetching) { shape = ShapeDecoration( shape: const CircleBorder(), color: Colors.white.withOpacity(0), ); } return AnimatedContainer( duration: transitionDuration, curve: Curves.ease, width: double.infinity, decoration: shape, child: Padding( padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 6), child: AnimatedOpacity( duration: transitionDuration, opacity: isDownloading || isFetching ? 0.0 : 1.0, curve: Curves.ease, child: Text( isDownloaded ? 'OPEN' : 'GET', textAlign:, style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.button?.copyWith( fontWeight: FontWeight.bold, color: CupertinoColors.activeBlue, ), ), ), ), ); } } @immutable class ProgressIndicatorWidget extends StatelessWidget { const ProgressIndicatorWidget({ key, required this.downloadProgress, required this.isDownloading, required this.isFetching, }); final double downloadProgress; final bool isDownloading; final bool isFetching; @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return AspectRatio( aspectRatio: 1, child: TweenAnimationBuilder<double>( tween: Tween(begin: 0, end: downloadProgress), duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 200), builder: (context, progress, child) { return CircularProgressIndicator( backgroundColor: isDownloading ? CupertinoColors.lightBackgroundGray : Colors.white.withOpacity(0), valueColor: AlwaysStoppedAnimation(isFetching ? CupertinoColors.lightBackgroundGray : CupertinoColors.activeBlue), strokeWidth: 2, value: isFetching ? null : progress, ); }, ), ); } }</double></void></void></void></void></downloadcontroller></downloadcontroller></exampledownloadbutton> Output Conclusion So far, we learned How to create download button in Flutter. We have seen the 7 step process to create a download button. Thank you for Reading the article. Hope you enjoying our content. Keep visiting Flutter Agency for Flutter business app development solutions. Source:
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