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DIY Flaxseed Gel for Luscious Locks
Ingredients - 1 cup of water - 2 T of flax seeds - Essential oils (optional) Tea tree oil and peppermint to make my gel smell good and to keep it from going rancid as quickly. You can also use lavender, rosemary or eucalyptus oil since they’re also anti-bacterial/fungal. Instructions 1. Pour the water and flax seeds into a pot and boil them. 2. 5-7 minutes after it’s come to a boil, you should have a gel. Cook longer if you want a gel with more hold. My hair is really thick – meaning it needs a heavy hand when dealing with it but it’s also curly enough that if I stick it somewhere, it won’t really move on it’s own – and I go with 6 minutes. 3. Strain the flax seeds out of the gel using a thin mesh sieve and/or pantyhose to squeeze out the really thick stuff that’s stuck to the seeds. 4. Add essential oils and honey if you want and put it in a sealed container, and store it in the fridge.
This sounds like it is just what my hair needs!
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I have to try this!!
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Clipping for later~
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I put flaxseed in my breakfasts every day, who knew i needed to put it in my hair!
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@kristenadams flaxseed has so many uses!
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