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"Yes, you need the candle. Actually, light candles all around the room because this is going to be a very relaxing experience. The first ingredient you need is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Put a couple tablespoons in a small container. The second ingredient needed to create the moisturizing hair conditioner is Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I added two tablespoons of the Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to the glass that held an equal amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then I stirred the two miracle ingredients together. Now go wash your hair, towel dry it well and comb all the knots out. Dip your finger tips into the olive oil – coconut oil mixture and smear it on your hair starting at the roots. After putting the mixture on half your hair, comb through it and then put the oil on the other half of your hair in the same way. If you have oil left after all your hair has been covered with the Deep Moisturizing Hair Conditioner, you can add more of the oil mixture to your hair and comb through it again until you feel that every strand is doubly coated. Cover your hair in plastic wrap to seal in the goodness. Keep it on your hair for 20 minutes then rise with warm water."
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Haha I like the candles idea ;)
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I'll be having my own spa night with this recipe soon
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