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If someone keep telling me that I'm not korean because I listen to kpop.... Well I'll curse you OUT in korean. How's that? *sigh* Please someone tell me that I'm not alone.
you r definitely not :-D my whole family calls me crazy bcs of that :-P
That sounds awesome, but I'm a little intimdated. lol But I will @saharhyunjoong FIGHTING *\^~^/*
@Toykopop fighting chingu my philipino chingu sayss the same they have those world wide auditions of kpop lovers you shd really take part in that i watch it its amazing hun go for it fightingg :-) ♥
Of course. There are fans out there that want to be kpop singers. I want to be one as well, but I'm not korean or asian plus, I don't have a petite figure. I'm curvy. Lol But it is a beautiful world that needs to be shared and make our dreams also lives better. @saharhyunjoong
@Toykopop hun its awkward for us all at first so i can understand them but gtng in to as u get into u only knw its an amazing world ones around you will always call you crazy unless you can make them a part of this kworld 2 well thats a struggle :-P
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