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hi everyone.... i was watching Dr Jin and sobbing my eyeballs out sniff sniff sigh I am going to have a huge headache tomorrow... just wanted to share some screencaps of my favourite scenes - ohhh i love Jaejoong SOOO MUCH omo his expression, it really killed me.... i'm not sure if you guys managed to watch too, anyone who wants a quick recap or summary (cos I know subs take time) just let me know in the comments!!! sighhh... yet another drama comes to an end. Have you guys watched AGD too???
hellooo darlings... as requested here's my recap of the last episode!!! Please shareee and leave a comment to tell me what you think!
haven't seen the last ep yet but seeing the screencap of youngwhi and kyungtak here, i am already emotional...huhuh, kyungtak died? With kyungtak's background, the life he lives and the girl that can't be his...i knew that somehow he will die in this drama but still i was hoping that he won't... have to watch the vid..
my memorable scene of jaejoong was when his father died.. he really improved in his craft, i was crying with him in that scene.. haven't watch yet the last ep,... but will do later today...
heehee okayyyy i will write a recap and post it here! keep your eyes peeled! :D
Watched it and I'm still emotional >.> Jaejoongs acting was so great and the scene with Youngwhi and Kyungtak brought tears to my eyes again. Would be great if this 2 get the couple award :) A recap would be really great ^^
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