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While this whole rig isn't exactly "DIY" the hot dog part is! This is a great way to catch cats; I've had buddies get them as big as 27# or 28# on this rig. You can also firm up the hot dogs with salt to make it even easier to hook them!
We Been Feeding Cats Dogs for Years Down South. NO 4 Real, Redneck Tip of the Day, Like he said in the video, Let them set out for a few days and yes they do begin to stink. The Stinkier for Cat Fish the Better. We have used cut pieces of hot dogs on Trot Lines, Limb Lines, Yo Yo;s and Kids and Adult Poles in Rivers where Catfish are Plentiful. Here is the Great Thing about Hot Dogs, IN Moving Water where it is good for Catfishing The Hot Dog Stays on the Line Vs. Some Folks that like fishing with Liver. You can also Dice Up Hot Dogs, Serve a Few for the Kids for Dinner on the few days before the fishing trip. Get U a Plastic Tin of Livers from the Store, The same nite you cook hotdogs on the grill for the kiddos use a fry daddy and Batter up some Livers with Flour, Hot Dogs on the Grill, Livers Cooked in Fry Daddy after you cook French Fries Home Made Taters for the kids. Batter up livers in Flour Cook a few minutes cook almost the full tin of livers. Take a pack of about 8 dogs and dice them up and place in the blood of the liver Tin. YOU can leave this outside in the Garage for about a hot day. The HOT Dogs will Absorb the Blood from the livers left in the container this Kicks it up a notch when U go Cat Fishin with Dogs!!!! Redneck Tip of the Day!!!!!! Folks
@JimBob That is quite the tip! Trued and tested then. I'll for sure give it a go.
@JimBob Awesome, I'll give those extra tips a go
@fallingwater Yep, cats love it. @dougjohnson indeed!
Tried and true trick you got here.
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