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Banking Law in Dubai

AL ITEZAN is recognized as the highly qualified legal consultation services provider in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, France. We Help Solve Your Legal Issues. Banking Law in Dubai is the main legal framework that regulates financial operations in Dubai. On the other hand, the main regulatory authority is the Central Bank of the UAE. Other legal entities governing the banking system in Dubai are the Commercial Law and the Islamic Banking Code. Our Dubai attorneys can offer specific information on the banking law in Dubai you need to know when opening an investment company or a financial institution.
Our team of lawyers are experts in dealing with banking and financial matters and offer legal services for the banking and financial sector, namely loan financing, project financing, debt collection and insolvency matters.
We work with several banks in United Arab Emirates and we are legal agents to represent these banks in the civil or commercial courts, so we help them in the recovery of debts and unpaid checks, and represent them in criminal litigation initiated by or against banks.

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Your guide to terminate limited and unlimited contract
Pursuant to the Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 on the regulations of labour relations and its amendments (“UAE labour law”) the employment contracts can be of two kinds ‘limited term contract’ and ‘unlimited term contracts’. As the name indicates, limited term contracts are set for specific term period, while unlimited term contracts are open ended and do not specify and end term. Pursuant to Article 113 of the UAE Labour Law, an employment contract can be terminated for the following three instances:  - By mutual agreement of the Parties, provided that the worker's consent is given in writing;  - Upon expiry of its term, unless it has been expressly or implicitly extended according to the provisions of this Law;  - For the convenience of either party to an indefinite term contract, provided that the provisions of this Law concerning the notice and the valid grounds of termination without arbitrariness are adhered to.  Termination of a limited term Contract: A limited term contract may be terminated at the option of either the employer or the employee mutually pursuant to the terms of the Article 113 as cited above; or Termination by Employer: In addition, to the above ground, an employer may terminate an employee who is on a limited term contract immediately without providing any notice period, if any of the grounds of termination as specified under clause 120 of the UAE labor law occur. Article 120 of the UAE law labor law cites the following ten grounds: - If the employee assumed false identity or nationality or submits forged certificates or documents.  - If the employee was dismissed during the probation period. - If the employee has committed any fault which has resulted in the substantial material loss to the employer, provided that the employer notifies the labor department of the incident within 48 hours of his becoming aware of its occurrence. - If the employee disobeys instructions on the safety of work or workplace,  - If the employee defaults on his basic duties under the contract and fails to redress such default despite a written interrogation and a warning that he will be dismissed if such default is repeated; - If the employee is finally convicted by a competent court of a crime against honor, honesty or public morals; -  If the employee reveals any confidential information of his employer;  If the employee is found in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of a narcotic drug during working hours; - If the employee assaults the employer, the manager in charge or any of his workmates during working hours;  - If the employee absents himself from work without a valid reason for more than 20 non-successive days in one single year, or for more than seven successive days Termination of a limited contract by the employee: In addition to the ground provided under Article 113 of UAE labor law, as discussed above, an employee on the other hand can lawfully terminate a limited term employment contract if: - If the employer fails to honor his obligations towards the employee, as provided for in the contract or in this Law. This clause includes instances wherein the employee is not paid his salary and other benefits as per his employment contract. - If the employee is assaulted by the employer or the employer's legal representative. Termination of an un-limited term Contract: Pursuant to Article 117 of the UAE labour law, an unlimited term contract may be terminated by either the employer or the employee for a valid reason at any time provided the requirements towards the notice period is met by the terminating party. A ‘valid reason’ for terminating an unlimited contract should be any reason that is ‘work related’. Work related reasons can include amongst others, poor work performance, disciplinary breach or misconduct on part of the employee or other grounds.
How to Deal with Signature Forgery?
Forgery can be defined as the act of forging a copy or imitation of a document, signature, banknote, or work of art etc. To prove forgery, the burden of proof is always on the claimant, and the respondent may deny the charges. However, if the charges are proven to be true, then the individual may face charges for misrepresentation and fraud. Article 216 of the UAE penal code defines forgery as: "The forgery of a written instrument is to alter its reality in one of the manners described hereinbelow, so as to cause prejudice, with the intention of substituting the false for the genuine instrument." The seven methods stated to be considered as committing the crime of forgery are as follows: 1. "To alter a genuine instrument, whether by adding, or removing or changing any of its written parts, numbers, marks or pictures. 2. To falsely sign or place a forged seal or to alter a genuine signature, seal or imprint. 3. To obtain by surprise or by fraud the signature, seal or imprint of a person who ignores the contents of the instrument or who has not validly given his consent thereon. 4. To make falsely or imitate an instrument and attribute it to another person. 5. To fill a blank paper which is signed, sealed or imprinted, without the approval of the person who has signed, sealed or imprinted it. 6. To assume the name of another person or to substitute it in a document that has been prepared specifically to prove the identity of such other person. 7. A material alteration of writing with a deceitful and fraudulent intent, preventing, therefore, the genuine intent of the instrument from being achieved." Further, Article 6 of the Federal Decree-Law no. 5 of 2012 on combatting cybercrimes states the punishment of forging an electronic document as "Shall be punished by temporary imprisonment and a fine not less than one hundred and fifty thousand dirhams and not in excess of seven hundred and fifty thousand dirhams whoever commits forgery of any electronic document of the federal or local government or authorities or federal or local public establishments. The punishment shall be both imprisonment and a fine not less than one hundred thousand dirhams and not in excess of three hundred thousand dirhams or either of these two penalties if the forged documents belongs to an authority other than those mentioned in paragraph one of this Article. Shall be punished by the same penalty decided for the crime of forgery, as the case may be, whoever uses this forged electronic document with his knowledge that the document is forged. In a crime of forgery, the intention to commit forgery or to deceive is most important and, in the absence of such intent, the crime may not be constituted. For example, an individual may simply copy the work of another with the intention to commit forgery or to deceive anyone. In the absence of actual intent, the crime may not be proven. It is critical that expert legal opinion is obtained to ensure that your rights are protected and that you obtain the most accurate legal advice as per the unique circumstances of your case.
How Social Media May Affect Your Georgia Car Accident Claim
After being involved in a car accident, it isn’t uncommon for friends and family members to message you to find out if you are okay. You may be tempted to post an update on social media to let everyone know what is happening.  Unfortunately, this can backfire. If you plan to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, anything you post on social media can be used against you.  A smart way to avoid this situation is to avoid using social media completely until your accident case is settled. You can also ask your Georgia personal injury attorney about what you have to say before posting it.  While this is what you should do, it’s also important to understand how posting the wrong thing on social media may affect you.  The Types of Social Media Posts That May Hurt Your Accident Claim The other side (or at-fault party) can use any information that you post on social media and use it out of context against you. Even if you post a picture of something completely unrelated to the accident – like a photo of you walking your dog – it may be used to say that you are actually in good health or uninjured.  However, other types of posts will definitely hurt your case. These include: Apologizing: It is only natural to feel sympathy for everyone who was part of the accident. However, an insurance company may see your apology as an admission of fault. Conceding any level of fault: You may accidentally post information that implies you were partially or completely at fault, like that you missed a step and fell. If this happens, the other side may say you weren’t paying attention, so the accident and your injuries aren’t their faults.   Dismissing all or some of your injuries: If you want to prevent people from worrying about you, you may try to minimize how serious your injuries are on social media. However, the insurance company can use this to argue that you aren’t badly hurt.  Venting about the accident: You may want to vent your anger toward the driver that caused the accident. Doing this via social media may not benefit your case at all. The insurance company may say your claim is based on revenge or anger.  The Risks of Posting on Social Media After an Accident Even if you don’t think you are posting something that will impact your claim, insurance companies and defense attorneys may try to twist what you post to benefit them. For example, if you post something like “the other car appeared out of nowhere,” they may use this to say you weren’t paying attention and, therefore, you are partly at fault.  Also, if you post something that contradicts your statements, it can be extremely damaging to your case. Avoid any photos or videos of you staying active, traveling, and similar things during the accident claim.  Tips for Using Social Media After an Accident  After an accident, if you plan to continue using social media, some tips to help you avoid hurting your case include: Avoid oversharing Never accept a new friend or follow requests from someone you don’t know Refrain from posting anything until your case is closed (if possible) Never post photos or videos of you being active if you have stated your injuries have prevented you from working Avoid posting anything negative about the other people involved Contact a Personal Injury Attorney for Help Hiring a personal injury attorney to help with your accident claim is smart. During an active auto accident lawsuit, they can also provide practical advice about what you can and cannot post on social media. 
Uvay (Evay) Là Gì? Hướng Dẫn Vay Tiền App H5 UVay 10Tr Trong 5 Phút
Trên thị trường hiện nay xuất hiện rất nhiều đơn vị tài chính hỗ trợ cho khách hàng vay online nhưng Uvay (Evay) là ứng dụng vay tiền nhanh được đông đảo khách hàng lựa chọn. Với Uvay (Evay), bạn có thể vay đến 10 triệu và nhận tiền nhanh. Hãy cùng VayOnlineNhanh tìm hiểu về ứng dụng vay tiền của Uvay (Evay) nhé. Uvay (Evay) Là Gì? Uvay (Evay) là ứng dụng cho vay tiền nóng online với tốc độ cực nhanh được nghiên cứu, phát triển bởi Easy Fintech Việt Nam. Nếu vay tiền tại các ngân hàng, bạn sẽ phải trải qua khâu làm thủ tục rườm rà hay khi vay tiền tại các tín dụng đen với lãi suất cắt cổ thì đến với Uvay (Evay) bạn chỉ cần đem theo chứng minh nhân dân là có thể nhận được khoản vay lên đến 10 triệu với tốc độ giải ngân siêu nhanh chỉ trong vòng có 15 phút. Ứng dụng vay tiền online Uvay (Evay) hỗ trợ người dùng vay tín chấp với các hình thức đơn giản, có thể giao dịch tại bất cứ đâu, trong độ tuổi giới hạn từ 18-65 tuổi, đây là giải pháp tối ưu cho những ai cần tiền gấp trong khoảng thời gian ngắn để giải quyết khó khăn. Xem bài viết đầy đủ với nguồn gốc tại:
5 Legit Online Money Making Sites
Few weeks ago I wrote an article about making money online. During and after the research I found out that lots of Money Making Websites are overpromising or are straight out scams. I decided that I would find websites that give results without overpromising anything. Here is the List:- 1) LifePoints ( Life Points give money for conducting surveys. Moto of Life Point is to "Take surveys to shape future products and services and get paid for it! Start today, and we’ll give you10LifePoints to kick off your earnings." Remeber Min Pay is $10 2) Transcribe Me ( All you have to do on this website is to write down after listing to an audio file that will be provided to you. The website offers around $20 for one hour of work. But remeber you will have to pass a short test to qualify to be a member on the website. 3) Toluna ( All you have to do is test the products that will be provided by Toluna. Toluna Influencers is their online panel where not only they Pay you to test products, but also to take surveys, polls and more. 4) Amazon mTurk ( mTurk is the most famous of all hosting hundreds of thousands of tasks every day and seeing very large amounts of money flow through from task providers to task-takers. Some people make $1,000 of dollars from mTurk and work full time. 5) Newslines ( Newslines is a crowdsourced news website. It’s organized by topics, which are updated as a timeline through 50-100 word posts about the topic and its details or goings-on. You can get paid to add these little blurbs, $1 per accepted post. Thanks for reading!!! If you want to earn money from WhatsApp then visit this website and Join Groups so you can earn more(Linkbazaar). Remember to earn first you will have to learn.
Money Help from Same Day Payday Loans When You Face Emergencies
When your hard cash is going to end or some surprising expenses have happened at the end of the month, you then need extra funds the same day. In that situation, you don’t have to spend your energy or your precious time, since you can get money help from same day payday loans when you need it gravely. This loan hardly consumes 15 minutes to deposit into your bank account. It’s the same-day loan procedure. Know well about Same Day Payday Loan What Is This? Same day payday loans are small, short-term cash advances custom-made to boost your monetary budget until your next salary date. This is a loan that helps you receive cash directly into your account through a simple application process. You’ll find it on payday loan lenders’ lending websites, and they are available 24 hours to help you better in your miserable condition. You don’t do anything besides completing an application form. It requires your details like address, contact number, email id, age, income proof, bank account, fast cash loans same day details and expenses et cetera. If your submitted details are found correct, it will be the result for loan approval. The loan is directly deposited into your active bank account on the same day you apply. Can Unfair Credit Holders Be Eligible for Receiving Money? It’s difficult to say whether unfair credit holders are eligible or not, to apply for a loan. On the other hand, it is said that many lenders provide direct deposit loans to bad credit borrowers too, based on their monthly income. Keep in mind that they demand you to follow their planned loan criteria such as you’re eighteen years old USA citizen, and having full-time income paid into your account regularly. In addition, you have got an SSN to apply for the loan. If you’ve all of these, these loans are easy to apply for any time anywhere. How to Get Rid of Unexpected Expenses between Two Paydays? Never need to panic whether your hard cash has been ended. Today, you can apply for fast cash loans online and grab hold of money ranging from $500 to $5,000 within 15 minutes, if approved. You have the best repayment scheme stretched from 3 months to 12 months, and you also can’t repay it in a single payment. This amount can be repaid on an installment facility, but assigned to the lender on a fixed date. This is a short-term cash advance helpful to use for covering medical emergencies or unexpected bills throughout the month. With the help of a fast cash loan, you make your life painless.
How to get Profit in Real Estate?
In Pakistan, real estate is one of the most flourishing businesses that hold the major stakeholders of Pakistan. In the ongoing 20th-century maximum number of billionaires are real estate investors as this field has rocket power potentials. But the intermingling question which arises here is that, “HOW TO GET PROFIT IN REAL ESTATE." The answer to this question will open up the ultimate way for you to unpack the bundles of success for you through real estate. The Masters Real Estate is one of the Best Real Estate Investment Company. We are official sales partner of Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City. For More: The strategy to evacuate the desired profit from real estate has inculcated in the roots of consistency and patience. No bypass or shortcut way will make you rich through overnight formula. However, if you have ambiguity about the profit potentials of real estate, then you are at the most right place to figure out the genuine way. The gurus of today's world that have to earn immense experiences about real estate still admit that some conventional rules are still pro tips to make a profit in the real estate world. The gloss and shine of the real estate era are quite fascinating, but the paths of the real estate business are not as convenient. Consequently, your dedication and preference towards your work will lead you to make piles of profit from the real estate world in the meantime. It will prove a worthy earning journey for you once you get into this market. To know how to get profit in real estate, you have to keep some basic techniques at your fingertips. The criteria of this talk will reveal the basic and traditional, and rational ways to make a profit from the property. We have striven to deliver a complete guide for “How to make a profit in real estate." We have compiled up the golden ways that will flicker up your real estate business with huge profit. CAPTURING THE INCREMENT RULE The rule of appreciation or inclining rates of the property will have synchronized with the sale of your property. It is one of the ancient ways of extracting profit from real estate. Although it is a traditional ritual of the market of real estate, it is still well-grounded. Hence it is good to sell the properties at the peak time of the need to make a colossal profit. RENTAL PROPERTIES The second most reliable way of composing huge profits from real estate property is to buy properties and simple rent. This method is a constant way of earning livelihood for a large proportion of people in Pakistan. However, the maintenance cost of the buildings and other expenses run side by side. AGRICULTURAL LAND PROFITS In a country where agriculture is the source of income for a massive population, a real estate investor can also pull the profit from these harvesting lands. You can purchase the land and lend them to a farmer for cultivation. In this way, you will own the ground, and also, the portion of crops, vegetables, and fruits are grown on them. Another way is also to sell the land when its market value undergoes appreciations. COMMISSION STRATEGY Here comes the most versatile domain of fetching the profit from real estate. And it's one of the most frequent answers you will get to hear as a result of “HOW TO GET PROFIT IN REAL ESTATE." This aspect of the real estate market revolves around the commission, or you can say the service charges of all the dealings from the investor and the buyer. A real estate business person or agent will get this amount due to selling the appropriate land to the investor. On the other hand, you can also charge the seller to find the correct buyer for him/her. HOLIDAY RESORTS PROFITS It is another way of making a profit. Real estate market. In this scenario, apartments, resorts, and guest houses, or any other place at the vacation or holiday point have been purchased by the investor. After that, you may rent your property in the peak time of tourists visiting that place, or you can also sell your property at the right time with attractive market prices.
Frugal 18th Birthday Ideas
Your 18th birthday is a milestone birthday and typically a special day for most people. But, most importantly, turning 18 signifies officially being recognized as an adult, which comes with many new and exciting opportunities. Full-fledged driving in many states, the right to vote, and serving your country are just a few examples. But, of course, you can also have a bit more fun with being able to get a tattoo (cover your eyes, mom and dad!), buy a lottery ticket, or even change your name. So how should one spend their special birthday, especially if you are frugal-minded? Below are some 18th birthday ideas for those who are more on the frugal side of living.  Frugal 18th Birthday Ideas There are plenty of unique 18th birthday party ideas out there; mine are geared toward those teens or parents looking to save money while still having a great time on their special day! Have an at Home Spa Day There’s no doubt that going to a Spa is a great way to spend part or all of your 18th birthday, but it can also be one of the most expensive. So why not bring the spa home to you? Draw a hot bath, add some bubbles, maybe some aromatherapy candles, plus any other spa staples you can think of at home for a fraction of the price.  Go HIking After relaxing at home with your spa day, it could be time to get into the great outdoors. Grab a few friends and family and hit the hiking trails near you. Or better yet, work up a good sweat on a hike first, then relax with the at-home spa. Go on a Camping Trip For the outdoorsy teen, adding a camping trip to your hike could be the perfect compliment as an amazing 18th birthday idea. Bring all the makings for smores, tell campfire stories, and have a low-tech good time under the stars. You don’t even need a campsite. You can always set up the tents right in your backyard! Have a Picnic Staying with the outdoor theme, a nice relaxing picnic in the park is a fun and frugal way to spend part of your 18th birthday. So pack up your favorite lunch and snacks, a blanket, and a few of your favorite outdoor games, and have a great time! Bowling This ain’t your mom and dad’s bowling. Okay, it could be if you wanted it to be, but there are many variations on this classic sport. Find a bowling alley where they offer Cosmic Bowling or anything along those lines to make your 18th birthday out of this world! Have a Movie Marathon Many of our favorite movies these days are part of a series. Take the MCU movies, for example. You could spend days watching these movies. Pick a few of your birthday boy or birthday girl’s favorite flicks and spend the night watching them. Get Your Sing on with a Karaoke Night Why not crank out a few tunes with a karaoke night if your frugal teen loves to sing? So fire up that karaoke machine and sing the night away. Go On A Road Trip Have a destination you love, but it is far away? No better time to go to a unique location than your 18th birthday. Now that you are a full-fledged driver grab a few friends and hit the road!  Take A Weekend Trip Some destinations are too far away for a day trip. In that case, make it a weekend trip. Of course, staying overnight will up the price, but there are definite frugal ways to find good hotel deals or even use services like Airbnb to keep costs down. Attend a Concert Attending a concert is a great 18th birthday idea for the music-loving teen. Some tickets can go for a pretty penny. There are plenty of local shows that are more affordable (or free!), or you can get several people to chip in for the artist they like most. Have a Scavenger Hunt As far as 18th birthday celebration ideas go, this one might take the most planning, but it could also be the most fun. Send your teenager all around town searching for different items using clever clues for a day full of frugal fun. Go to Top Golf Top Golf is a birthday destination that has gained popularity over the past few years. If you’ve never been, it takes golf and adds a bunch of fun spins (you see what I did there?) to it. It’s a great 18th birthday idea for the golf or sport-loving teen. Try Skydiving For you more adventurous teenage, maybe the most exciting 18th birthday idea could be to go skydiving. Nothing screams adulthood like jumping out of a plane a mile above the earth. For as crazy as it sounds, it will undoubtedly be an experience that you won’t forget and an unforgettable 18th birthday . Have a Pool Party If your birthday happens to be during the warmer months, an excellent frugal 18th birthday idea is to have a pool party. Order a couple of pizzas, and simply keep cool poolside all day. Throw in some classic pool games like Marco Polo and others, and you’re set.  Cake and Ice Cream Not that any of these other ideas can’t include cake and ice cream, but simple is better for some teens. Cake, ice cream, and a few good friends can be more than enough to make an 18th birthday memorable.  Video Game Party Many teenagers love to play video games, so what better 18th birthday idea than having a video game party? You can go as old school as NES or new school as PS5, or anything in between. Online or in person, no matter how you do it, you can spend hours battling it out with your besties on your favorite titles.  Go to an Old School Arcade Another fun 18th birthday idea for the video game lover is to go to an old-school arcade. Many establishments have popped up in recent years to revive the roots of all gamers. You can have unlimited plays on tons of arcade classics like pinball, Pacman, donkey kong, and tons of others for a few bucks an hour. Escape Room What better way to spend a special birthday that locked in a room with your favorite people? If that sounds like fun to you, you might want to try an Escape Room. They have become more popular over the past few years, and it should be easy to find one near you. Take a Class Whatever you’re interested in, there’s likely a class out there for it. Find something you’ve always wanted to try but never have as an 18th birthday idea. Retro Roller Skating No matter what kind of roller skating you do, it’s bound to be fun. Much like bowling, you can add different twists to it. Many rinks will have a “cosmic” theme or even “retro” nights where you can dress up like you are from decades past. Fancy Dinner Party Don’t let the word fancy fool you here; we’re still talking frugal. Have your friends over in their formal wear, but make whatever you like for dinner. Pizza bagels, tacos, burgers, whatever you want. The food doesn’t have to be fancy, just you! Paintball If you don’t mind shooting some of your friends or being shot by them, try out some paintball! It can be an insanely fun 18th birthday party. Game Night Bust out some of your favorite board games for another frugal night of fun.  Get a Tattoo Okay, mom and dad, look away for this one. Now that you’re an adult, you can get a tattoo. I’m not saying this should be tops on your list and if you do get one, be sure it’s something you want on you for the rest of your life.  Themed Bday Party Birthday parties are fun, but themed birthday parties can be epic. Create a theme around your favorite show, sport, hobby, whatever. Everyone that comes should be dressed to match the theme. Plus, you can have the food, drinks, and any games go with the party’s theme. Frugal 18th Birthday Ideas for Gifts You may think many gift ideas on the list below don’t fall into the frugal category, but that just means you need to find the right deals. Many gifts can be bought on sale, used, or simply be hand-me-downs. Jewelry Jewelry might sound expensive, but there are plenty of reasonably priced items out there if you know where to look. An 18th birthday is a perfect time to pass any heirlooms from mother to daughter or father to son. Money The best part of giving money as a gift is controlling exactly how much you give. Keep it reasonable and let the birthday boy or girl decide what they want to use it toward.  Gift Cards Like cash, we can typically keep our gift card purchases reasonable and let the recipient get something they want or need. Dorm Room Decor Many of our newly crowned adults will be heading off to college soon, so what better gift than some swag for their dorm room. This can be anything from posters, to fun lights, to some to help them study (yeah, right!) Books Many teenagers love curling up at home with a good book. If this sounds like your teen, why not give them exactly what they love and buy some books. As an 18th birthday idea, you can get some by their favorite author or the next part of their favorite series.  Used Instrument Notice the word “used” there? Brand new instruments can be expensive, but finding a good deal on craigslist or similar sites should bear fruit when looking for a used instrument your teen might want to try their hand at. Games Everyone loves games! Board games, video games, card games, you name it, people love it. So, as an 18th birthday idea, find a game that suits the birthday teen and let the good times roll. Coffee Maker Many teens don’t get enough sleep, and with the aforementioned college on the horizon, it’s not getting any better. So help them keep the pep in their step with an excellent coffee maker they can use at home or in the dorm. Laptop or Tablet This is a hard sell on the frugal aspect, but many teens need these. Get a few people to chip in to make the price more reasonable for everyone. Fitness Tracker Many teens love tech and fitness, so a Fitbit or other fitness tracker would be perfect for them. Many can be reasonably priced, but this is likely another birthday gift idea you’ll need a few people to go in on. Camera Most teens have the cameras right on their phones, but a good camera is always a welcome gift for the shutterbug in your life. Again, if you can find a good deal or, again, get several people to chip in, you can keep this in the frugal state of mind.  Hangbag or Wallet Bags and wallets are another super helpful item for any teen. We typically think of these items as a luxury, but they don’t have to be. There are plenty of solid bags and wallets out there at frugal prices.  Best 18th Birthday Party Ideas: Party Games Below are some easy and frugal 18th birthday ideas for a party game. Minute to Win it Games You might need to be a bit older to remember the game show Minute to Win it, but the games are still fun. Featuring quick and straightforward games that take, you guessed it, only a minute to do, they can supply much longer amounts of fun. So see who can win the most! Would Your Rather Almost everyone has played a version of this game during their lifetime. Find two equally disgusting, evil, gross, nerve-wracking, whatever options that people need to decide which one they’d rather do and explain their reasoning. You’ll have fun coming up with the scenarios and watching your friends squirm! Cards Against Humanity Cards Against Humanity has gained in popularity for its totally ridiculous cards. You may have played the more family friend Apples to Apples, but CAH is definitely a game that should wait until all players are 18. As far as 18th birthday ideas go, this may be one of the most fun to play. How to Budget for 18th Birthday Ideas Part of being frugally minded is being financially responsible. Knowing you have your 18th birthday to pay for or someones require some forethought. Below are 18th birthday ideas for budgeting.  Plan Ahead Number one rule of budgeting? Plan ahead. By simply looking forward and accounting for the 18th birthday, you’re already ahead of the game when it comes to being ready to pay for it. Open a Separate Bank Account Suppose the gift is expensive, like a trip or laptop. In that case, you might want to consider opening a separate bank account for the funds you’ll be using towards it. Get A Part-Time Job or Side Hustle You might not have enough money for the 18th birthday idea you have. If that’s the case, you can pick up a part-time job or start working a side hustle to earn the money you need.  Save Your Money Obviously, with the above already said, you’ll need to save your money to fully prepare for the special 18th birthday. Frugal 18th Birthday Ideas: Final Thoughts Your 18th birthday is no doubt a milestone in all our lives. Officially entering into adulthood and likely soon after leaving home for the first time is a big deal. But, no matter who you are, there are tons of frugal 18th birthday ideas on how to spend your day, what to get, games to play, and how to prepare. Take a few ideas from above to make it the best day ever!
Kho đề tài luận văn về phòng chống tham nhũng
Phòng chống tham nhũng luôn là một đề tài được xã hội quan tâm vì điều này sẽ giúp xây dựng một xã hội văn mình, bình đẳng. Tuy nhiên, đây là một vấn đề khá nhạy cảm nên khi thực hiện luận văn liên quan, chúng ta cần lựa chọn đề tài một cách khéo léo để tránh bị bắt bẻ. Dưới đây là một số gợi ý cụ thể giúp bạn chọn đề tài luận văn về phòng chống tham nhũng phù hợp. Tham nhũng là gì? Theo Thanh tra Chính phủ, tham nhũng là những hành vi của bất kỳ bất kỳ ai có chức vụ,quyền hạn hoặc được giao nhiệm vụ,quyền hạn và lợi dụng chức vụ, quyền hạn đó để vụ lợi cho mình. Phòng, chống tham nhũng là các thiết kế, thể chế và cơ chế, biện pháp pháp lý và xã hội nhằm giảm thiểu đến mức thấp nhất nguyên nhân, điều kiện phát sinh tham nhũng, xử lý tham nhũng theo đúng quy định của pháp luật. Xem thêm: Đề tài luận văn phòng chống tham nhũng 1. Phòng, chống tham nhũng trong doanh nghiệp liên doanh có vốn góp của nhà nước, do Ủy ban nhân dân thành phố Hồ Chí Minh làm đại diện cho chủ sở hữu. 2. Luận văn về phòng chống tham nhũng: Vai trò của lực lượng công an nhân dân trong phòng, chống tham nhũng từ thực tiễn công an thành phố Đà Nẵng. 3. Pháp luật về phòng, chống tham nhũng từ thực tiễn của tỉnh Long An. 4. Phòng, chống tham nhũng dưới triều đại vua Lê Thái Tổ và bài học kinh nghiệm trong xây dựng chính phủ kiến tạo, liêm chính hiện nay. 5. Công tác phòng, chống tham nhũng trong ngành giáo dục ở Việt Nam giai đoạn hiện nay. 6. Tham nhũng và công tác phòng, chống tham nhũng dưới thời đại triều Nguyễn giai đoạn 1802-1884. 7. Tham nhũng và vấn đề phòng, chống tham nhũng trong điều kiện xây dựng nhà nước pháp quyền ở Việt Nam hiện nay. 8. Luận văn về phòng, chống tham nhũng: Phòng, chống tội phạm về tham nhũng trong hoạt động của cục cảnh sát điều tra về tội phạm về tham nhũng, kinh tế và buôn lậu. 9. Thực hiện pháp luật về phòng, chống tham nhũng trong cổ phần hóa doanh nghiệp nhà nước ở nước ta hiện nay. 10. Công tác phòng, chống tham nhũng trong quản lý hành chính nhà nước tại tỉnh Đồng Nai hiện nay. 11. Vai trò của báo chí trong cuộc đấu tranh chống phòng, chống tham nhũng ở Việt Nam. 12. So sánh pháp luật về phòng, chống tham nhũng ở Việt Nam và Đại Hàn Dân quốc. 13. Thực hiện phòng, chống tham nhũng trong thực hiện chính sách đất đai ở Việt Nam hiện nay. 14. Mối quan hệ giữa cải cách hành chính và thực hiện phòng, chống tham nhũng từ thực tiễn thành phố Hải Phòng. 15. Pháp luật về phòng, chống tham nhũng trong lĩnh vực ngân hàng thương mại ở Việt Nam hiện nay. 16. Đảng lãnh đạo công tác phòng, chống tham nhũng từ năm 2015 đến nay. 17. Tổ chức và hoạt động của ban chỉ đạo trung ương về công tác phòng, chống tham nhũng ở Việt Nam hiện nay. 18. Phòng, chống tham nhũng trong các cơ quan hành chính nhà nước cấp cơ sở thông qua công tác kiểm tra của Đảng Cộng Sản Việt Nam. 19. Huyện ủy Hóc Môn, thành phố Hồ Chí Minh lãnh đạo công tác phòng, chống tham nhũng trên địa bàn huyện. 20. Pháp luật về phòng chống tham nhũng ở Singapore và bài học kinh nghiệm cho nước ta. 21. Thực thi công tác phòng, chống tham nhũng ở tỉnh Bình Dương hiện nay. Trên đây là những đề tài luận văn về phòng chống tham nhũng bạn đọc có thể tham khảo phát triển bài luận của riêng mình. Ngoài ra, nếu như bạn vẫn còn khúc mắc gì liên quan đến viết luận văn, bạn có nhu cầu sử dụng dịch vụ viết luận văn thạc sĩ thuê, liên hệ với Luận Văn 2S qua hotline: 0976 632 554
دریافت حمایت مالی و کسب درآمد استریمرها با درگاه پرداخت
اگر در حوزه‌ی تولید‌ محتوای ویدیویی فعالیت می‌کنید یا استریمر بازی یا تست نرم‌ افزارهای موبایلی باشید، حتما با دغدغه‌ای که اکثر استریمرها برای دریافت حمایت مالی کاربران خود با آن مواجه هستند آشنایی دارید؛ از پشتیبانی پرداخت کاربر گرفته تا مواردی مانند دریافت اسکرین شات فیش و بررسی صحت رسید واریز شده و تطبیق آن با مشخصات کاربر. به‌ راحتی می‌توانید در بستری امن، سریع، و ساده، به صورت اینترنتی درآمدزایی کنید و از بازدیدکنندگان و کاربران خود، حمایت مالی دریافت کنید. برای این کار می توانید از سرویس دریافت حمایت مالی زرین پال که در مقایسه با سایر درگاه های پرداخت استریمینگ، کمترین کارمزد را دریافت می کند کمک بگیرید. درگاه پرداخت زرین پال، یک گزینه‌‌ی ایده‌آل برای دریافت حمایت مالی از کاربران است و با ارائه‌ی تعرفه‌های ارزان درگاه پرداخت و فعال‌سازی درگاه پرداخت اینترنتی در سریع ترین زمان ممکن (۴ ساعت کاری) باعث افزایش سرعت درآمدزایی شده و در توسعه‌ی کسب و کار آنلاین شما کمک بسیاری می‌کند، بدون این‌که نیاز باشد زمان خاصی برای ارسال اطلاعات حساب، بررسی واریز کاربران یا عواملی از این دست اختصاص دهید. با زرین پال کافیست لینک بسازید و برای کاربر خود ارسال کنید یا درون وب سایت، وبلاگ، اپلیکیشن، تلگرام، اینستاگرام یا هر پلتفرم دیگری قرار دهید. قبل از این که به جزییات مراحل ساخت لینک دونیشن برای دریافت حمایت مالی استریمرها بپردازیم، به صورت خلاصه‌وار به زوایای کلی استریمینگ که ممکن است پرسش افراد زیادی باشد پرداخته‌ایم، با ما همراه شوید. استریمر کیست ؟ استریمر به فردی گفته می‌شود یک جریان محتوایی را به اشتراک بگذارد، که معمولا حین یک بازی ویدیویی، از محتوای خود ویدیو‌ تهیه می‌کند و در حالت‌های مختلفی، به عنوان مثال به صورت پخش زنده‌، یا به صورت پخش بعد از ضبط کامل ویدیو، از طریق اینترنت و پلتفرم‌های مخصوص استریمینگ با مخاطبان خود به اشتراک می‌گذارد. هدفی که یک گیم استریمر دنبال می‌کند می‌تواند اشتراک یک تجربه‌ از بازی‌، انتشار راهنمای بازی، نقد و بررسی بازی، یا مواردی از این قبیل باشد. استریم و استریمینگ به چه معناست؟ پخش محتوایی با ماهیت ارائه یک تجربه گیرا و همه جانبه برای مخاطبان و طرفداران بازی این روزها بسیار محبوب است. علی‌رغم این که استریمرهای ایرانی از حمایت مالی خوبی برخوردار نیستند، با اشتیاق فراوان به کار خود ادامه می دهند که شاید یکی از مهم‌ترین دلایل آن جذابیت این شغل باشد زیرا فرد می‌تواند حین تولید محتوا و درآمد زایی، یک تفریح هیجان‌انگیز را تجربه کند. استریم بازی یا گیم استریم به جریان انتشار یا انتقال زنده بازی از طریق اینترنت به سایر کاربران گیم استریم می‌گویند. اکثر پلتفرم‌های استریم بازی طوری طراحی شده‌اند تا استریمر بتواند در حین پخش و نمایش زنده‌ی محتوای بازی، با کاربران خود از طریق کامنت تعامل داشته باشد و گفت و گو کند. معرفی بهترین سرویس‌های استریم ایرانی آپارات آپارات بستری برای به نمایش گذاشتن و انتشار محتوای از پیش ضبط شده برای استریمرها است که توسط معروف ترین استریمرهای ایرانی استفاده می شود. در واقع آپارات یک توئیچ ایرانی است با این وجه تمایز که ترافیک داده های اینترنت را برای کاربران داخل ایران به صورت نیم بها محاسبه می‌کند. لیویتو لیویتو بستری برای تسهیل و تسریع درآمدزایی استریمرها با امکان پخش زنده و دریافت خودکار هزینه‌ از مشتریان است. اگر یک استریمر حرفه‌ای هستید، لیویتو بستر مناسبی برای این کار است ضمن این که از درگاه پرداخت اینترنتی زرین پال برای افزایش سرعت و امنیت پرداخت کاربران خود بهره می‌برد. ریمیت در پلتفرم پخش زنده‌ی ریمیت، می‌توانید تمام رویدادهایی را که در حین پخش زنده بازی شما اتفاق می افتد را برای مشاهده‌ی کاربران خود به نمایش بگذارید و برای پخش زنده نمایش بازی تنظیمات دلخواه خود را اعمال کنید. علاوه بر این، می‌توانید یک درگاه پرداخت آنلاین زرین پال برای دریافت حمایت مالی از محتوای تولیدی خود بسازید و درگاه خود را شخصی‌سازی کنید و در صورت تمایل فهرست کاملی از حامیان مالی و مخاطبان حرفه‌ای خود را در صفحه‌ی اختصاصی خود به نمایش بگذارید. دریافت حمایت مالی در لایو استریم یا استریم در حال پخش پخش زنده تنها به بازی های ویدیویی محدود نمی‌شود، بلکه ممکن است شامل رویدادهای ورزشی، تبلیغاتی، مراسم رونمایی از محصول، افتتاحیه، جشنواره، آموزش آنلاین،  و به طور کلی هر گونه محتوای ویدیویی قابل انتشار باشد. استریم بازی‌های موبایلی  برای لایو استریم نیازی به کامپیوترهای قدرتمند ندارید، حتی با یک گوشی هوشمند ساده نیز می‌توانید به صورت زنده، هم تصویر چهره‌ی خود و هم صفحه‌ی موبایل خود را به صورت همزمان با مخاطبان خود به اشتراک بگذارید و از آن‌ها حمایت مالی دریافت کنید. البته حتما می‌دانید که برای کسب درآمد با گیم استریم ابزارهای مختلفی وجود دارد که هر کدام ویژگی های متفاوتی دارند، اما برخی از ویژگی ها را به اشتراک می گذارند. برای مثال اکثر این دستگاه ها فضای ذخیره سازی و حافظه نسبتا خوبی برای نگهداری و ذخیره فایل های ویدیویی و صوتی دارند. با این حال، کیفیت ضبط و وضوح تصویر می تواند به طور قابل توجهی متفاوت باشد. برای استریم بازی‌های موبایلی از تلفن همراه به کامپیوتر می توانید گوشی را به کامپیوتر متصل کنید و از طریق نسخه‌‌ی Twitch گوشی محتوای بازی را به انتشار بگذارید. مراحل ساخت لینک دریافت حمایت مالی یکی از امکاناتی که زرین پال در اختیار استریمرها قرار داده است، امکان ایجاد لینک پرداخت برای دریافت حمایت مالی از تماشاگران یا بازدیدکنندگان است. برای ساخت لینک دونیت و دریافت حمایت مالی از کاربران خود نیاز است یک پنل مدیریتی داشته باشید؛ برای این‌کار می توانید در زرین پال یک حساب کاربری بسازید، و در قدم بعدی مشخصات اولیه‌ی حساب خود را تکمیل کنید. سپس در پنل مدیریتی خود، محصول جدید بسازید. به خاطر داشته باشید که هر محصول یک لینک دونیشن برای دریافت حمایت مالی محسوب می شود، بنابراین می توانید برای هر محصول یا در حقیقت هر لینک دونیت ساخته شده، توضیحات ویژه‌ای درج کنید و فرم پرداخت خود را سفارشی‌سازی کنید. همچنین می‌توانید لینک دونیت ایجاد شده را کپی کنید و با کاربران خود در شبکه‌های اجتماعی مانند اینستاگرام، توئیتر، فیس بوک یا در کانال‌های پیام‌رسان مانند تلگرام و واتس‌ اپ به اشتراک بگذارید. از مهم‌ترین ویژگی های ساخت لینک دونیت برای دریافت حمایت مالی در زرین پال این است که در پنل کاربری خود می توانید تمامی پرداخت های دریافتی در قسمت تراکنش ها را به صورت لیست کامل و با تمام جزئیات هر پرداخت مشاهده و مدیریت کنید. به معنای ساده‌تر پس از ثبت نام، صفحه‌ای خواهید داشت که از طریق آن می‌توانید برای جذب حمایت‌های مالی کاربران‌، درگاه پرداخت اینترنتی بگیرید یا لینک دونیت بازی بسازید و گزارش دقیقی از حمایت‌های مالی پریافت شده توسط کاربران خود را ببینید. فعالسازی و دریافت درگاه پرداخت برای جذب حمایت مالی از کاربران توجه داشته باشید که برای ایجاد حساب کاربری در زرین پال و دریافت درگاه پرداخت استریم یا فعال سازی لینک دونیشن، باید در پنل کاربری خود شماره شبای متعلق به حساب‌تان را وارد کنید. اگر به شماره شبای خود دسترسی ندارید، برای تبدیل شماره کارت به شبا یا دریافت شماره شبا از طریق شماره حساب بانکی، به صفحه‌ی تبدیل شماره حساب بانکی که در آن حساب دارید بروید و مانند با انتخاب بانک موردنظرتان، در کسری از ثانیه شماره شبای خود را دریافت کنید. با ایجاد درگاه پرداخت زرین پال و لینک دونییشن می توانید برای یک یا چند فعالیت خاص حمایت مالی جذب کنید. کافی است در پنل کاربری زرین پال تمامی فعالیت های خود را به عنوان محصول تعریف کرده و با وارد کردن عددی به عنوان حق اشتراک یا عضویت کاربر برای تماشا، برای هر محصول، لینک جداگانه ای تعریف کنید. سپس لینک ساخته شده را برای کاربران خود ارسال کنید، یا در صورت نیاز به ارسال گروهی، در رسانه‌های اجتماعی خود در پروفایل‌تان قرار دهید. با ساخت لینک دونیت در پنل کاربری زرین پال، کلیه‌ی افرادی که در زمینه‌ی تولید محتوا فعالیت می‌کنند، می‌توانند از مخاطبان‌شان در اینستاگرام، تلگرام، یا در وب سایت‌ خود، حمایت مالی دریافت کنند ضمن این که بدون اشتراک گذاری سایر اطلاعات کارت بانکی از امنیت تراکنش‌ها نیز اطمینان خاطر داشته باشند.