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This is one of my worst fears on the water in any kayaking situation! It's just scary as hell! Bright orange flag on a Visipole and 14" orange buoy still aren't even close to enough to be seen by everyone, I guess. This guy did come back to make sure he was alright, but not all boaters will have the courtesy.
@NvcKrwlr Huh, I hadn't looked at it that way because it seemed otherwise. Either way, the situation could have (and should have) been avoided.
@NvcKrwlr exactly what I was thinking man if they hadnt got caught up he wouldnt have come back
They didn't come back to check on him, his anchor line got wrapped up in their prop. the had no choice but to stop.
Wow. Close call. Glad he was alright an dgood to hear they actually came back to make sure it was okay, though it should have never happened