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It is common for first timers to be very uncomfortable with clipless pedals. Many struggle with clipping and most fall off within the first week of using them. Here is a video like many others, a guy trying to use clipless pedals. However, something in me gets infuriated by this video. Maybe it's just me being OCD, but it really pisses me off. Lol If you want to find out how to really use clipless pedals, check out this video:
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I was never this bad at getting into the clips. I did however fall down getting on one day. Pretty embarrassing.
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@ScottHanks We've all been there. Just last month I was looking at my phone just after a cup of coffee. Didn't realize that I shifted my weight and toppled over. I was right in front of a crowd of people too
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I don't remember having this hard a time. good God
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This was an incredibly frustrating video to watch, to the point where it became absolutely annoying. I wondered if these people were drunk. I've never seen ANYONE have so much trouble clipping in like that. I never had too much of a problem clipping in anyway. I've toppled over a couple of times due to difficulty clipping OUT, however, which is humiliating.
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@MarcNelson LOL. Yeah this guy seems to be having way too hard of a time. I'm right there with you on getting out. I've done it a few times and it never gets less embarrassing..
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