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This is an example of a sexy concept done well - Ladies of 4L take note! This is how it should be done. Sexy and confident without acting like the only thing missing is a pole, this video is one both men and women can like. Secret, I salute you. The song starts of as a ballad (it's fantastically deceptive) but that doesn't last long as the beat quickly kicks in, producing a much smoother, sexy sound. The video is well made, the camera time (reasonably) well shared and the outfits sexy but classy. I wish Secret would do more sexy concepts. It just suits their style so much more, don't you think? The cute stuff is just sooo overdone these days...
Now this is what the k-pop industry needed. Sexy and sassy - I like it!
Yes! !!! I like it! I also completely agree with you! Especially the last bit about the cuteness thing being overdone. much better! and catchy ^^
@nenegrint14 who are G.I? I've never heard of them!
@Aero2042 hmm first would be 2ne1 and 2pm. I also really like Got7 , sistar, Global Icon (G.I), miss a, and f (x) what about you?
I've got this on replay @nenegrint14 who are your favourite bands?