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A lot of times when I tell people I love crappie fishing they ask me why. Well, for a lot of reasons. You aren't gonna get huge numbers of crappie if you don't know what you're doing or where your fishing: I love that challenge! In general, crappie fishing is inconsistent mostly because these fish have a personality that requires very specific conditions for fruitful reproduction. For example, it seems that activity increases as the full moon nears, and some anglers find that the best crappie fishing can take place in twilight or at night about four to five days prior to the full moon. However, they seem to become sluggish as the full moon hits, so this is perhaps the least productive day of the month in which to go fishing for crappie. Another reason I love crappie fishing is because of the sheer number of lakes and streams throughout the United States where crappie are, so there is no easy answer as to where you'll find the most productive lake at any given point. Although they tend to be some of the smallest fish sought out by anglers overall, crappie is one of the most abundant types of fish in the country, meaning that they can easily be found and caught, even be inexperienced fishermen. In fact, because crappie fishing can be so easy, if you go out in the spring for a fishing excursion, it doesn't much matter what equipment you use; you are almost guaranteed to find crappie and have a decent catch.At other times, though, it's so hard to find them that it becomes a huge challenge. And that's the challenge I fish crappie for!
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@mcgraffy yeah for sure!!
@dougjohnson Yep then it just gets discouraging
@mcgraffy exactly! but not so hard that you dont want to try to do it
fishing is all about the fun of the challenge for me too. if it got easy I wouldnt like it